How To Download Unlimited With Latest 9Mobile Cheat Using ADM

9mobile Unlimited free browsing is available for both WhatsVPN and InfVPN for some weeks, even Glo free browsing using connection stabilizer app still rocks however we will be concentrating on 9mobile free browsing cheat.  Latest MTN cheat as well as free browsing cheat for Airtel will be updated in our next post.

As most of you know, this latest 2018 9mobile (Etisalat) cheat is slow and not good for browsing but you can download with it Unlimited using this trick with ADM (Android Download Manager). ADM is the android version of IDM (internet download manager) which is very fast in downloads compared to other download client. Download ADM from Google playstore.

How To Download With 9Mobile Cheat Using ADM

1. First , remember I said the free internet browsing cheat is slow for browsing? Don't even think of it because you can't brows with it (although it loads some websites but halfway not complete).

2. Use another data plan to get your download link, then when you get your download link, you can then paste it in ADM buy clicking on the plus (+) sign.

How to Create Your Own Download Link To Download Any Series From 02tvseries or Tvshows4mobile

Yea, you can can create any download link to download any movies from some of the popular TV show/series website. Just follow the simple procedure as you will not need to brows to the file before you download the movie.

✓ Open your notepad on your phone's

✓ Assuming I want to download the TV series 
titled The Chi (note the starting initials T and C are in capital letters)... This is how the download link will look like below 


Let us disect the download link

1. The line http://d3.o2tvseries.com/
- you must start with http://

- followed by d1 or d2 or d3 or d4 or d5. (these means server 1, 2,3,4,5 where you want to download the movie from). You can choose any one, in this case I choose server 3 (d3)

- you must add dot (.) After the d1,d2 ... The add o2tvseries.com/ so it becomes d3.o2tvseries.com/

2. The next line The%20Chi/

- this line simple means ThespaceChispace
Space here is written as %20 that is why you see %20 instead of space. So to write The Chi/ becomes The%20Chi/

3. The next line Season%2001/

Same as line 2. To write Season 01/ becomes Season%2001/

4. The line The%20Chi%20-%20S01E01%20(TvShows4Mobile.Com).mp4

Same as line 2 and 3.. to write The Chi - S01E01  (TvShows4Mobile.Com).mp4.. as you can see the space were substituted for %20 .
So put everything together to create your download link

NB, you just need to do this once for any movie. To continue downloading other episodes say 2,3,4... just change where you see E01 to E02 or E03 or E13 depending on the episode you want to download

If you don't want to create the download link from scratch, you can have someone send the download link to your maybe via whatsapp or put on the persons hotspot to get the download link by browsing the site on your phone before saving it. You can then proceed to changing the episode by yourself.

Enjoy you 9mobile cheat, you have to be patient with the download. I put on my data all day and also the WhatsVpn and InfVPN are very stable and can connect for a whole day without closing or stopping so you are good to go. So far I used over 5GB in just 4days. This 9mobile(Etisalat) cheat works well where there is good 9mobile network signal.

Enjoy! If you have any questions you can ask via the comment section.

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