Airtel 2g Data Plan Subscription Code for 200, 500 Naira

Airtel is the only telecommunications network in Nigeria that still offers 2g data plan. They recently reviewed their data subscription code so this is an update on Airtel 2g data plan code.

How to Subscribe using Airtel 2g data plan code

The Airtel subscription code for 2g plan remains *482# , dail the code then you either choose option 1 or 2 which costs 200 Naira and 500 Naira respectively

Data Allocation for Airtel 2g data plan

The airtel Allocated data was

200 Naira for 3GB valid for 2weeks (14 days)

500 Naira for 5GB, valid for 1 month (28 days)

Update - now when you dail the Airtel 2g data plan code, you get

Airtel 200 Naira 2g data plan - gives 1.5GB for 2 weeks

Airtel 500 Naira data plan - gives 3GB for 1 month.

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This Airtel data plan is on available on 2g network only so if you decide to subscribe, use the Airtel 2g data plan code *482#.


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