2018 MTN • AIRTEL • GLO • 9MOBILE Latest Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Updates For June / July

This is a monthly review of Unlimited free browsing cheat for MTN, Airtel, glo, 9mobile | Etisalat. Most internet subscribers opt for surfing with this probably because of the high cost of internet connectivity in the country, when compared to some other Countries in the world like USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands or even South Africa. You will get to know the working free browsing cheat on MTN, glo, Airtel data cheat,  9Mobile or etisalat, MTN and Airtel if any. If anyone has stopped, you will know about it.

Update: Glo , 9mobile, MTN, Airtel Latest Cheat 2018 for Free data

These are currently working method to get free data and use it for free internet or free browsing cheat. This latest cheat works on both android and iOS phone

MTN latest cheat for free data

Glo Latest cheat with data for free browsing

Airtel cheat 2018 for data

etisalat free browsing cheat 2018

Latest 9mobile free browsing

UPDATE: Mtn Latest Free browsing Cheat for June 2018 / July 2018

MTN free browsing cheat code is currently available, read about the MTN cheat below

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MTN Latest Cheat 2018 using stark VPN

MTN latest free browsing Cheat 2018 using psiphon VPN

UPDATE: Airtel Data Cheat for June 2018 / July 2018

See Airtel subscription cheat and also the latest Airtel cheat below

UPDATE: Etisalat (9Mobile) Unlimited Free browsing Cheat for June / July 2018

9mobile free browsing cheat and also Etisalat free browsing code is available here, see configuration below

UPDATE: Latest Free Glo browsing cheat June 2018 / July 2018

UPDATE: 9Mobile|Airtel|Mtn|Glo Unlimited Free browsing for May 2018

Available free browsing for may include

Also see this article - Free virtual private network (VPN) for unlimited free browsing 

MTN - MTN free browsing cheat is available

Read : 2018 MTN Latest Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Using Stark VPN

Airtel - unavailable

UPDATE: 9Mobile|Airtel|Mtn|Glo Free browsing Cheat/Tweak/Trick  February 2018

Mtn unlimited Free Browsing  - free browsing unavailable

Glo Free Browsing Cheat - free browsing for glo requires spending some amount of money to subscribe to any small Facebook plan, then you can download unlimited with it via VPN...read it here

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat - Like Glo free browsing, Airtel also also tweak is available but not free... Read it here

9mobile free browsing - Unavailable

9Mobile|Airtel|Mtn|Glo Free browsing Cheat/Tweak/Trick Update October 13, 2017...

9mobile free 50mb - 60mb daily tweak/cheat via anonytun vpn free browsing app has been blocked. The proxy server was blocked two days ago by 9Mobile. but there are still other free browsing available on 9Mobile.
Free browsing cheat update for october, 2017 is as follows

Free Browsing Cheat for Mtn - free browsing unavailable

Free browsing for 9Mobile (etisalat) - 9mobile cheat/tweak for free browsing is available, although it requires a subscription fee of at least 500 Naira. see it here . there is another 9Mobile free browsing cheat that is free (0.0k), its very slow but you can try it out, see it here

Free Browsing Tricks on Glo - Free browsing cheat/tweak still available, see it here

Airtel - No free browsing

9Mobile|Airtel|Mtn|Glo Free browsing Update October 4, 2017...

Free browsing cheat update for october 2017 is as follows

Mtn - No free browsing tweak available

Glo - Free browsing still available, see it here

9Mobile - 9mobile (etisalat) cheat for free browsing is available, although it requires a subscription fee of at least 500 Naira. see it here . there is another 9Mobile free browsing cheat thgat is free (0.0k) see it here

Airtel - No free browsing

Update 23 September, 2017.... 

The latest cheat is  9Mobile unlimited free browsing cheat on android phones via Amaze VPN app. It doesnt require any subscription, just download the app and connect, although it works only on ucmini and social apps like whatsapp,facebook etc. Follow the link below to read more about this freebrowsing cheat.

Cheat Summary

MTN - MTN Free Browsing Cheat not available
Glo - Yes, Free Browsing is Available for Glo See It Here
9Mobile - Yes Free Browsing Cheat Available, See It Here   and here
Airtel - No Airtel Free Browsing Cheat

Update 8 September, 2017.... 

New cheat for 9Mobile just came out,it is not totally free but it is affordable, with just N150 per week , you get 500MB i.e 2GB for N600 per month. Its 9Mobile chatpak cheat using anonytun VPN and you can know all about it by following the link below

Cheat Summary

MTN - No free browsing Cheat
Glo - Yes, free browsing available. see it here
9Mobile - Yes Free browsing cheat Available, see it Here
Airtel - No Free Browsing Cheat for Airtel

4 September, 2017

Free browsing Cheat Preview For September 2017

free browsing cheat

MTN Free Bowsing Cheat

For cheat lovers, MTN cheat has proven to be the best. The MTN simple android server cheat of 2012 through to 2014 was one of the best free browsing ever, although it required some daily fee.
Unfortunately, there is no MTN free browsing cheat currently. You will be the first to know immediately there is any.

STATUS: No free browsing cheat

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    1. 9mobile with anonytun stopped working this morning. I only used around 24mb before it stopped.
      Is there any fix to it? Thanks

    2. Lol, after people will rush to see the free browsing and unfortunately will see 'status; no free bro swing cheat' lol. nice one admin

    3. This glo whatsapp subscription didn't work for me.
      Please I want to know if it actually worked for anyone here.

    4. The escalator has been blocked. Anyways, thanks for the update

    5. Still anticipating for Airtel to rise again

      commenting from Nueltech.com

    6. we all enjoyed ur glo anony tum cheat bfo de block it pls help us find solutions to it

    7. Admin please any Airtel working cheat? And thanks for the good work 👍

    8. no airtel free browsing cheat for now

    9. 9mobile wit Anony tum free browsing z now working perfectly

    10. thanks mr nairbit u are my NAIRABEST

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