Latest Glo Free Browsing Cheat 2018 Using Connection Stabilizer App

Latest Glo Free browsing cheat is up and running again although it's not totally free because you will need to buy at least a N100 airtime to get started.

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How Does This Works?

Its easy, just follow the easy steps  I below after you have downloaded connection stabilizer from Google playstore

Step 1: Dial *224# on your device and you will get an on-screen prompt  'welcome to glo jumbo.....blah blah' then proceed to recharge at least N100 on your Glo line and you will receive free 50mb bonus.

Step 2:  Again, dial *777# and select buy data bundle, buy daily data bundle for 12mb for 25naira....a message will be sent to you that you successfully subscribed to 12mb data bundle.....

Step 3: Immediately, send the word  'cancel' to '127' to cancel auto renewal of the data plan, then browse with the data until it's exhausted.

Step 4: On this step, you should Dial *108*1# - this will enable you browse with you remaining airtime balance, but don't worry this is where the cheat / trick starts because your airtime won't be deducted.

Glo Configuration Settings

To configure your glo APN, locate APN setting under glo and select glo secure, then power off or restart your phone.

Step 5: Launch the connection stabilizer (you downloaded earlier) and turn on your data connection, then click activate in the connection stabilizer app .

Note: If your data connection refuse to come up, just dial glo customer care number [121],  stay on the call for a minute or thereabout then hangup, you data connection will come up, from there head straight to your browser and start downloading.

Credits goes to  ~Francis on the Nairabit WhatsApp group. Please note that due to my location and ongoing activities, i have not tested this trick personally but got confirmation from 2 trusted guys that this cheat is working for them so you can try it out.

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