Mtn, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel Data Cheat For Free Browsing 2018

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I made an earlier Latest Free Browsing Cheat post on how to get free mb on Airtel using Airtel data cheat app Dent, this article shows you can brows for free on mtn, glo, Etisalat (9Mobile) using that same Airtel free internet browsing app to get free internet services and free data irrespective of any Network.

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How To Use this Glo, Etisalat, MTN, Airtel Data Cheat For Latest Free Browsing

Do you Know you Can get mtn free data cheat as well as other network by using this Dent App? So is dent a free browsing Cheat app, well yes and no, Dent is an app that is used to purchase glo, Etisalat a(9mobile), Airtel  and mtn cheap data. It can also be used  a by others countries like worldwide. To get cheap data using dent app, follow the procedures below to begin.

1. Download Dent app For free data for android and iPhone

2. After you have successfully downloaded the app,  register by providing your details like name and email and immediately you will be giving 50 dent instead of 30 when you download the app from this link  - Dent app download. The Dent is the app currency that is used to purchase data for oneself or for others.

29 dent can be converted to Etisalat 150MB
60 dent can be converted to Airtel 1GB
76 dent can be converted to Mtn 750MB
32 dent can be converted to Glo 262MB
The higher the Dent you have, the higher data you get.

Watch this short video to understand how Dent free data works

How To Get Dent For Free

To get free dent for Glo free Browsing Cheat code, 9mobile (Etisalat), Airtel or MTN data cheat cheat, all you have to do is to refer someone using your unique referrer code. You get free 20 Dent when you refer someone.

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Enjoy your free Browsing Cheat or free data, anyone you call it. Keep referring to get more free dent


    1. I have gotten over 2gb from dent data app, thankyou nairabit and dent

    2. You welcome, enjoy free data and brows for free

    3. Woo dent is good. But i have tried using my phone to download dent but they are telling me that my device doesnt support dent App

      1. That's unfortunate. You can still get dent free data by sending your phone number to someone with a phone that can supply the app. Read the post below


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