Unlimited MTN Free Browsing Cheat July 2018 Using Psiphon

Unlimited MTN free browsing or mtn cheat, whatever you call it is used to brows for free on mtn. The latest MTN cheat for June / July 2018 uses Psiphon virtual private network (VPN) app that power free browsing on android devices and PC.

Settings for Unlimited MTN Free Browsing Cheat for June 2018 using Psiphon | Simple Server | Anonytun VPN app

Follow the steps below to configure your psiphon virtual private network app for the latest MTN cheat

Step 1 Download and install Latest Psiphon Handler version 167 app here

Step 2 install and open the app, configure your PSIPHON HANDLER Settings as follows:

✓ Tick Remove port box
✓Proxy type: choose Dual Real Host or No Proxy
✓Proxy server: datareset.mtnonline.com/#Xstring

✓Real proxy type: HTTP
✓Real proxy port: 80

Step 3.  Navigate to OPTIONS tab and select UNITED STATES as your region.

Step 4. Tap on MORE OPTIONS, tick CONNECT THROUGH HTTP box,  Tap on USE THE FOLLOWING SETTINGS and input the following settings
Host Address:
Port: 8080

Finally go back and click on the connect button , wait for a few seconds for it to connect and you can start browsing for free on mtn

Watch this short video to get the MTN settings right

Note: click on tunnel whole device if you get the prompt

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    1. Hello pls my phone is Samsung J5 prime vision 7.0, I did all the setting require for the psiphone. But it's not working. Pls help me out

    2. Make sure you don't have any mtn data

    3. Not working and i have no data.

    4. It's not working for me either!

    5. It worked for me the first 2 days after that it didn't connect again. I think MTN has blocked it


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