April 30, 2016

Swap Your Phone for New One at Slot, Nationwide

Swap your phone for New one at Slot

One thing with electronic gadgets is that they get upgraded more often thus having new models with improved spec's which is necessary to keep the manufacturer in business. Do you have a  phone that you want to trade-in  and get the latest phones ranging from  Samsung, Apple or Blackberry etc?  If your answer is yes, then the place to go is SLOT. Over the years SLOT has emerge as one of the leading stores when it comes to mobile phones.
simple steps to trade-in your old phone.
Step 1. Know Your Trade-In Value – Find out your estimated trade-in value by visiting any participating SLOT Store.
Step 2. Back Up Your Data – You may already have your phone set up to automatically sync to an online service like iCloud or your Google account. You can never be too careful with data and it’s a good idea to make a manual backup of the data on your phone as well. You can create a backup using the tools provided by your phone’s manufacturer, such as Apple’s iTunes, Samsung’s Kies, or the Windows Phone Desktop App.
Step 3. Trade-In Your Old Phone : Pass over your phone to a Matrix Agent usually in Orange and Black uniform. You may be asked to complete a simple form, which simply captures the information that best describes your phones condition. Provide your identity card, receipt of purchase or any form of proof of ownership.
Step 4. Get a Voucher: based on the value of your item. This voucher is redeemable only in a slot store
Step 5. Redeem your Voucher: You can now add more to the value of your voucher depending on cost of phone you want to purchase and take home a brand new phone.
Below are list of SLOT stores Nationwide to trade-in
(1)Port Harcourt store
(2) Abuja 2 store
(3) N0 19 store, computer village ikeja.
(4) No 2B medical store, ikeja.
(5) Alaba store
(6) City mall store
(7) Saka tinubu store
(8) Ikorodu store
(9) Surulere
(10) Apapa 2
(11) LEKKI
(13) Abuja 1
(14) Benin
(15) Owerri
(16) Warri
(17) Aba
(18) Uyo
(19) Abeokuta
(20) VI2
(21) PH2 
(22) EKET
(23) Calabar
Courtesy, www.slot.ng


  1. I can't find the receipt to my phone can i still come to trade my phone?

  2. you need a receipt or any other proof of payment

  3. But I still have the packet of the phone but don't have the receipt

  4. I went to ilorin slot market they said they do not swap phones

  5. I went to ilorin slot market they said they do not swap phones


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