Glo Data Subscription - How to Migrate to Glo PAYU Plan For Free Internet

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Glo PayU  is actually not among glo daily, weekly or monthly data plan but it is the default plan that is recommended if you are interested in cheap browsing with your Airtime. PayU means "Pay As You Go", which means you pay only for the data you consume, in real time. Glo PayU charges one Naira per Megabyte (mb).

How To Subscribe to Glo PayU data Subscription

To subscribe to this data plan, you dont need any Glo PayU code,

• Goto text message box

• Text PAYU to 127

You will receive a message from Glo like this format below;

"Dear Customer, you are browsing on Flexi recharge at 1N per MB. To buy a data plan as low as N1000 for 2GB, visit http://www.hsi.glo.com or simply dail *777#"

Glo PAYU  Cheat

Glo cheat for free Browsing and free internet rely on PAYU to work. This is popularly called glo 0.0k cheat which makes use of Glo redirect URL for free browsing.
Sometimes, you are automatically given the Glo PAYU plan when you exhaust you data plan.


    1. what's the morning of .PAYU cannot be shared please choose another plan?

    2. They said I should choose another plan

    3. They said my current data plan is not compatible with the purchase,pls help

    4. Hello admin, so I've been looking for awoof code for Glo and after much digging, i happened to find something here https://www.dailybinaryhub.com/glo-cheat-code-for-mb/. Go check them out guys.

    5. Hello, Admin, I tried to use the Glo PAYU but I got this message" Dear Customer, the plan you are trying to purchase is not compatible with your current data plan. To choose another plan, visit hsi.glo.com or simply dial *777# "

    6. They said my current data plan is not compatible with the purchase,pls help

    7. Hello admin
      Thanks so much for the info

    8. It said my current data plan is not compatible. My tariff plan is Bounce. What do I do?

    9. My mom is on payu and I added my self but not working on my phone


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