Why You Shouldn't Root Your Android Phone

Rooting a mobile phone has some benefits as well as its disadvantages even if it gives you more control of your phone. This is due to the complexities associated with rooting your devices expecially devices that runs on android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. Also phone's that uses processors other than MTK processors like the Qualcomm Snapdragon is often difficult to root using simple tool like Kingroot. The risk is even worse if it is not done by a professional. Some of the risks are highlighted below

Phone data may be lost

When you root your phone, you will be resetting it to the factory settings. This means that you will lose all the data that you have on your phone including contacts, downloaded apps , pictures, videos,etc. You will be able to backup text messages and your gallery files with the help of apps, cloud syncing or by copying to your PC. Those can be easily restored. What you won't be able to backup is your app data.

Exposes your phone to security risks

Rooting exposes your device to unauthorised access, data leaks and theft, as well as hardware failure among others. Thus, if you have sensitive information on your phone, do not root it.

Voids the phone's warranty

Manufacturers will not welcome warranty claims for devices tampered with by their customers. That includes both hardware and software changes, the latter of which includes root. So if rooting goes wrong, you may need to get another phone.

Can cause update issues

One of the issues related to rooting android is performing updates. Updates may fail to install due to software changes that occur while the phone has been rooted. Being unable to update your phone makes it susceptible to hackers. They will have a field day stealing your information.

Rooting never goes wrong

A tech guy may find the process of rooting android phones very easy. But if you are a learner or beginner, there is a 99% of you to damage your phone if you attempt to root it yourself expecially those who are always in a hurry not to read full instructions before carrying out the rooting process. For me, Kingroot is one of the best app for rooting android phones. The process is very simple and anyone can do it, if you try using Kingroot and doesn't work for you, you should just forget about rooting or if you still fancy rooting you should follow instructions step by step so as not to brick your phone.

Sometimes, if you follow the right step but download the wrong rooting files, it may brick your device. The fault won't be from you but maybe the file that was uploaded was corrupted ,so flashing a corrupted file to your phone will damage it.

Next will be the advantages of rooting your device, so at the end of the day you will have to weigh both the pros and the cons to decide if your mobile phone is worth rooting.

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    1. Yeah rooting is not a child's play...before proceeding to root a device one must know the instructions of rooting clearly then go for it.


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