Glo Data Plan Reduced, No Longer N1,000 For 3.2GB, 4GB

Glo data plan bundles have been reduced up to about 50% data slash for the same price. This happened yesterday January 29th, 2018 and it's still on, to see these latest glo data plan and subscription amount just dial *777#. No official statement have been released by the "grandmasters of data" as to why there is a cut down on their data bundles. 

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Before yesterday,  new and some existing glo subscribers get 4GB for just #1000 on the glo monthly data plan (some get 3.2GB) but it's now   N1000 for 2GB valid for 30 days,  N2000 = 4.5GB for 30 days and N2500 = 7.2GB for 30 days.Although it's still better when compared to other network data plans like that of MTN data plan, Airtel as well as Etisalat data plan, but the 50% data slash is just too much.

Is this a technical glitch or this is for real, maybe it's not a data slash  afterall, we'll know in the coming days if these new prices and data bundles are here to stay. Please note that at the time of posting this article, it has not been confirmed if glo 100% data bonuses still apply to these new plans as no official statement from Glo yet. If 100% data bonus from Glo still applies , it simply means that they didn't slash their data afterall because it will be 2GB plus extra 2GB (4GB) for 1k for all new and existing glo data subscribers  and not 1.6GB plus 1.6GB (3 2GB) as it used to be for existing subscribers. 

Have you subscribed to the glo data plan from 29th January 2018? What's your experience, were you given 2GB or 4GB for 1k? Please let us know 

Update : It has been confirmed via glo Twitter handle @GloWorld , glo has slashed their data plans and it's no longer 3.2GB but 2GB for 1k. Although they didn't give reason for this data cut, they say it's the new " #GloDataUnmatched " .  For more details on official Glo new data plans follow this link below or dail *777# from your mobile phone



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