Update: 30 Ways To Download Large Files on Airtel N200 for 20GB Plan

Most of us are already aware of the facebook plan rolled out two days ago by Airtel that gives 10GB, 20Gb and unlimited data for N100, N200 and N300 respectively. If you don't know about this plan you can read it below

One of the issued that was faced was the limited download since it works only on operamini and opera browsers. It was only possible to download  files that are not more that 16MB but I will be showing you how to bypass that and download any file size, just follow the steps below

Download Operamini browser   for android. iOS and Windows users can get it from their respective stores.

• Install and Open the Operamini browser you've downloaded.

• Open the site that you want to download your file from and copy the download link of the file.

• Open another tab on the opera browser and input

How to download large files with airtel 20GB for N200 plan

• Scroll down towards the bottom of the page u will see a box below with www.google.com inside, just remove everything in d box nd input the download link of the file u want to download. Then click " go to site".

How to download large files with airtel 20GB for N200 plan

• In a few seconds, your file will start downloading.

Lists of 30 different sites to download any file size on airtel N200 for N20GB plan.

1. https://hideip.co – HideIP.co (SSL Secure)

2. http://blewpass.com – Blewpass.com

3. http://hide-me.org – Hide-Me.org

4. https://kproxy.com/ – Kproxy.com

5. http://www.allsphere.info – allsphere.info

6. http://www.atoko.com – atoko.com

7. http://www.divalane.com – divalane.com

8. http://www.divaloo.com – 

9. http://www.ablocker.info – ablocker.info

10. http://www.awabo.com – awabo.com


11. http://www.broadr.info – broadr.info

12. http://www.browsebridge.com – browsebridge.com

13. http://www.browsezoom.com – browsezoom.com

14. http://www.fire30.info – fire30.info

15. http://www.fro4nix.org – fro4nix.org

16. http://www.gabstorm.com – gabstorm.com

17. http://www.gblocker.info – gblocker.info

18. http://www.greenpass.info – greenpass.info

19. http://www.no-control.info – no-control.info

20. http://www.oblocker.info – oblocker.info

21. http://www.orkja.com – orkja.com

22. http://www.orkum.info – orkum.info

23. http://www.ourposts.info – ourposts.info

24. http://www.largero.com – largero.com

25. http://www.lblocker.info – lblocker.info

26. http://www.lopana.com – lopana.com

27. http://www.mblocker.info – mblocker.info

28. http://www.mehide.org – mehide.org

29. http://www.kimonia.info – kimonia.info

30. http://www.meut.info – meut.info

We will keep you up to date on how to make it power all app. We appreciate your comments, Use the comment box below to tell us what you think about this.


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