How To Share VPN Connection Over Wifi Hotspot For Android and Windows - No Root Required !

VPN has been very useful when browsing anonymously or in Nigeria, mainly to access the internet for free (free browsing cheats). One problem users face when using VPN is that the connection expecially via android devices cannot be shared with other networks, hence restricted to just one device. I will be showing you how to share vpn connection over hotspot to another android device or Windows PC.

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  • You need to download Every Proxy apk App from Here.
  • Install and lunch the app
every proxy, share vpn over hotspot

  • Toggle on HTTP HTTPS. 

every proxy, share vpn over hotspot, android ,windows

You would notice proxy host address and port number has been generated automatically. This is what you will use on any device you want to share your vpn connection, be it android or windows PC (windows 7, 8, or 10).

How To Share VPN Connection From Android
To Share to another android device;

  • Open phone settings (o the second phone or device)
  • Navigate to WiFi settings and tap on the WiFi connection  and connect to the frst device that has the VPN connection and Every proxy running
  • DEpending on your device, tap on the Device you are connected to and scroll down to Either advance settings or Proxy ( your aim is to locate where you can switch to manual settings which would bring out a space to input proxy host name and port).
  • In the space provided, fill in the proxy and port provided on Every proxy app on the first device.

That should be all, your VPN connection should start working on the other device. For windows PC, checkout how to connect below.

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How To Share VPN Connection Over Hotspot For Windows PC

  • To connect a PC as the secondary device to a VPN hotspot, you should download UltraSurf for Windows here.
  • Launch the app 
  • Tap on Option
  • Choose Proxy Settings 
  • Tick the Manual Proxy Settings and input the IP proxy and port shown on Every Proxy app. 
  • Tap on Ok, go back and you are good to go.


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