April 15, 2018

2018 Free Browsing Cheat For 9Mobile (Etisalat) This April Using Whats VPN

9mobile latest unlimited free browsing cheat is back this April but not with the popular Psiphon or Anonytun VPN app but with another free browsing VPN on Google play store called What's VPN or Inf VPN (both work).

Straight to the business, so how does this work, any settings or configuration? Find out below!

About this 9Mobile (Etisalat) cheat

✓ it's Unlimited
✓ it's slow in download
✓ requires strong 9mobile Network strength
✓ can only be used on UCmini Browser and ADM.

How to Setup Free Browsing on Etisalat

Step 1 : Head straight to Google playstore and download 3 or 4 applications mention below

1. What's VPN download here or from Google playstore.

2. Inf VPN ( not compulsory if u already have what's VPN)

3. ADM (Android Download Manager or Advance Download Manager +)

4. UCmini browser

Step 2: Open any of the VPN you have downloaded and tap on the "Start or Connect " button.

Step 3: Lunch the  UCmini browser to brows and download once the VPN is connected.
For faster download speed, copy the download link of the file you want to download and pate it on the ADM (click on the plus(+) icon, then paste the copied url section then click on start your download will start immediately).

That's all !

April 13, 2018

Latest 2018 Glo Free Browsing Cheat Using Connection Stabilizer App

Glo Free browsing is up and running again although it's not totally free because you will need to buy at least a N100 airtime to get started.

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How Does This Works?

Its easy, just follow the easy steps  I below after you have downloaded connection stabilizer from Google playstore

Step 1: Dial *224# on your device and you will get an on-screen prompt  'welcome to glo jumbo.....blah blah' then proceed to recharge at least N100 on your Glo line and you will receive free 50mb bonus.

Step 2:  Again, dial *777# and select buy data bundle, buy daily data bundle for 12mb for 25naira....a message will be sent to you that you successfully subscribed to 12mb data bundle.....

Step 3: Immediately, send the word  'cancel' to '127' to cancel auto renewal of the data plan, then browse with the data until it's exhausted.

Step 4: On this step, you should Dial *108*1# - this will enable you browse with you remaining airtime balance, but don't worry this is where the cheat / trick starts because your airtime won't be deducted.

Glo Configuration Settings

To configure your glo APN, locate APN setting under glo and select glo secure, then power off or restart your phone.

Step 5: Launch the connection stabilizer (you downloaded earlier) and turn on your data connection, then click activate in the connection stabilizer app .

Note: If your data connection refuse to come up, just dial glo customer care number [121],  stay on the call for a minute or thereabout then hangup, you data connection will come up, from there head straight to your browser and start downloading.

Credits goes to  ~Francis on the Nairabit WhatsApp group. Please note that due to my location and ongoing activities, i have not tested this trick personally but got confirmation from 2 trusted guys that this cheat is working for them so you can try it out.

April 1, 2018

TSTV Officially Commence Sales of Its Sassy Decoder Nationwide

The wait is finally over and TSTV has commenced sales of its advertised "Sassy decoder". It's April fools Day but according to TSTV this is not a day to fool Nigerian.
I personally contacted 2 TSTV distributors who confirmed that they have the TSTV Sassy Decoder and Satellite dish ready for sale starting from tomorrow 2nd April 2018.

For details on tstv channels, see TSTV Channel list 

TSTV Sassy Decoder is the first brand from TSTV and they have promised the lunch of another brand of decoder called the Dexterity decoder which will have the full internet function and also other exciting functions.
TSTV Sassy Decoder costs just N3,500 (decoder plus satellite dish plus full one month subscription). 

Enjoy your TSTV, more details about the new Sassy decoder will be made ASAP.

March 26, 2018

TSTV To Commence Sales Of Their Sassy Decoders On April 1st 2018, See Channels, Price and Where To Buy

Telcom Sat, owners of TSTV Africa are set to commence sales of their decoders on April 1st 2018 according to recent announcement via TSTV official social media handles.

Remember TSTV lunched in Nigeria on October 1st 2017 and are yet to start commercial sales, making Nigerian to doubt if they are ready for business or not. Although rumours has it that TSTV are undergoing some tough battles, some of which includes getting the right to air relevant sport channels and also some financial constraints. Some say they are being "witch hunted" by the monopoly brand, DSTV.

TSTV has been airing free to air FTA channel for six months running which most Nigerians are enjoying using any FTA decoder like Strong or Qsat, rumours also have it that it is due to a "compulsory six months test" issued to them by the Nigerian authorities on broadcasting. If this is true, I wonder why they didn't tell their heartbroken proposed customers, why wait till after 6 months?

About The New TSTV Sassy Decoder

Onlike the previously advertised TSTV Decoder, the new decoder is call TSTV Sassy decoder, it has less functions than the previous one. This Sassy decoder is a PVR decoder but lacks  internet capabilities. I was at one of TSTV offices in Lagos and was told that the Sassy decoder will be the first decoder that will be sold, later they will introduce another decoder that has internet function.

TSTV Current Channel List

To see all official TSTV channel list, go to www.tstvafrica.com

Where Can I Buy TSTV Sassy Decoder?

Checkout list of accredited dealers close to you
to buy the TSTV decoder


TSTV Sassy Decoder plus Dish and one month full subscription will cost only N3500 as against the previous N5000.
Will this be an "April Fool" from TSTV? Hmmm, it's just few days away to know if the events of October first won't repeat itself again because they will surely loss their integrity if they fail to commence sales on April 1st.

March 19, 2018

Its Jumia Mobile Week 2018 - Get iPhone X for N299,990, Leagoo M9 N16,500, Leagoo Power N12,999. See more offers up to 50% Price Slash

Jumia Mobile Week starts today and it promises price cut on mobile phones up to 60%. So if you want to get a new smartphone for a very affordable price, the time is now.

Phones like the Leagoo KIICAA Power which costs N20,000 will be sold for just N12,990 , while the iPhone X 64 GB will be sold for NGN299,990. See images below for prices and time, remember it's fastest finger. Want to know how to get these phones for cheap prices on Jumia? it's easy, just go to the Jumia Nigeria website or Jumia Mobile Week 2018 Page or download the Jumia app from playstore now!. And guess what....it's Pay on delivery! on Jumia express within 2-3 business days. What are you waiting for

See the Jumia Mobile week 2018 prices, days and time below. 

March 13, 2018

Fix Message Not Sent Error With MTN | Airtel | Glo | 9Mobile Message Center Numbers

Are you in a situation where you are unable to send text messages on your phone? You receive text messages but whenever you try to send one it shows the failed symbol  or gives you a reply
"Message not sent" or "Message unable to send", this may be due to some message settings being edited by mistake , most times it's the Message Center  Number.

To fix message not sent error on your mobile phone is quite very easy, just follow the 3 simple steps below

Step 1 : open your message app and click on options or settings or Advance settings depending on your mobile device

Step 2: After you've located the message settings from the message app (not from normal phone settings), tap on Text Message (SMS)
Note: some device may have it as SMS service center or something like that

Tap on it and choose or select the network, then input the following center number depending on the network

MTN Message Center number: +234803000000

Airtel Message Center Number: +2348020000009

Glo Message Centre Number: +2348050001501

9Mobile (Etisalat) Message Center Number: + 2348090001518

Step 3: save or just go back. 

That's all, go back and start sending messages again .

March 5, 2018

Airtel Double Data Bonus Offer 2018, Trick To Get It

Airtel double data browsing bundle is a bonus plan or promo from Airtel mobile Nigeria just like MTN double data that gives its subscribers double the volume of data for the price of one for six (6) months. They call it "Airtel Ramadan bundle", and it is still working till date but only for selected SIMs.


I found out that most Airtel subscribers who have not used their Airtel lines for some period are eligible or qualified for this double data offer, however with the trick below, anyone could get it. See the message I got from Airtel below

This Airtel double data plan can be used on PC, your android device, iPhone and any other device that uses data.

Airtel double data Plan

✓ N200 gives you 400MB, valid for 3 days
✓ N500 gives you 750MB for 14days plus extra 750MB valid for 30days. That's a total of 1.5GB.
✓ N1000 gives you 3GB, valid for 30 days.
✓ N2000 gives you 7GB, valid for 30 days
✓ N2500 gives 10GB, valid for 30days

How To subscribe To Airtel Double Data Plan Offer


Airtel SIM , new or old
Airtime, minimum of N550 - if you want to subscribe to 3GB you should have a minimum Airtel account balance of N1050 or N2050 for 7GB.
Note : it is advisable to go for the N500 to test it out if it works for your Airtel SIM or not.

Follow the trick below to get double data from Airtel

✓ Get an Airtel SIM and dail *141#
✓ Follow the on-screen instructions and first subscribe to the daily plan which costs N50 for 20MB

Note , this will expire by 12 midnight that same day, so make sure you send STOP to 141 after successfully subscription to the daily plan to avoid auto renewal the following day.

✓ On or before 11pm that same day, before the expiration of your daily plan you might receive a message from Airtel like the one below

Dear subscriber, Would you like to upgrade your Entry plan to Ramadan Bundle ,Send Yes to 141 to purchase the Ramadan Bundle plan.
✓ Send Yes to 141 by 11 pm , wether you get the message or not.

Airtel double data 2018

✓ Then before 12 Midnight, just dail *141# and subscribe to any data plan of your choice to get double data from Airtel.

Another method to know if you are qualified for Airtel double data is by dailing the code *144#. But I have seen someone who despite not eligible after dailing the code, was given double data after using the trick I just shared with you guys.

Good luck !

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February 23, 2018

Best Website To Download Android | PPSSPP | PC | Games Full + Data OBB

Below are some of the best websites available online to download your favourite games on your android smartphone, your PlayStation Portable PSP, android PSP version (PPSSPP) or PC.

Best Android Games Download Sites

✓  rexdl.com to get apk games, cracked or mod games plus OBB files.

✓apkpure.com - just like playstore but has some games that are not available on playstore. Has original and full APK games.

Best site to download PC Games

✓ dzrepackteam.com - download cracked PC games, mods and DLCs.
✓ fougamers.com - also download cracked PC games, mods and DLCs.

Best PSP or PPSSPP Game Sites

Just 2 sites below,
✓ coolrom.com
✓ emuparadise.me

The games from these above 2 website are in iSO format and can be converted to play on PS2 CONSOLE using USB utility software.