Airtel Free Data Cheat March 2019


Airtel free browsing cheat has been scarce after the free basics airtel cheat of early 2017, nothing as good as that has resurfaced until this recent airtel free data cheat 2019.
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How does it work

  1. It work on all mobile device, android, iPhone or even "kpalasa" phones.
  2. It works great on both old 3g SIM as well as 4g SIM
  3. No VPN required

Settings for airtel free data cheat 2019

No special settings is required, all you need do is follow these simple steps;
Note: only try this if you are an airtel data subscriber. This may not work for you so try will the least data plan, if it works for you, you can go on to try it on airtel monthly data plan.

  • Dail *141# to subscribe to any airtel data plan
  • You will be given some bonus data alongside your purchased data, especially for new airtel sim that gets double data.
  • Use only the airtel free data and never touch the main data bundle
  • Afterwards, dail *126#
  • Choose 6 for reversal

If you are lucky you will get a reversal which you can use to purchase a new airtel data bundle.

You will be given new airtel free data , just repeat the process again by using only the free data and then dail the reversal code. That's all for this airtel cheat, enjoy!

New 9mobile (etisalat) Free Browsing Cheat 2019 Settings

Bestline VPN

9mobile free browsing cheat for 2019 has been available since early last month and I am still surprised some person still have issues using it. I found out that most people don't understand how the new 9mobile cheat works, so I'm going to explain it to you.

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How Latest 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat Work?

This 9mobile (etisalat) cheat need the following to work
  1. Android Device
  2. Thunder VPN I have provided here
  3. You can also make use of BestLine VPN apk which you can download here

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How it works

9mobile cheat settings with baseline or thunder VPN app cannot be used to browse, it can only be used to download unlimited using UCMini browser or ADM browser.

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So how can you download without browsing to get your files?

Remember etisalat free browsing cheat I shared with you guys last year that used inf VPN, melon VPN and also what's VPN to download for free? This works exactly the same way, so all you have to do is get you download links for movie by;

1. Using a genuine mobile data to get your links
2. You can also manually formulate your download link , if you haven't read that article , you can read it below.

Thunder VPN and Bestline VPN Settings For 9mobile (etisalat) Free Browsing Cheat 2019

BestLine VPN

Bestline VPN apk, download bestline VPN, free browsing cheat

  • For bestline VPN,  all you need do is
  • Install bestline VPN apk app you downloaded from the link above
  • Open the app and choose the default server
  • Then tap on the connect button.

Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN, thunder VPN apk, 9mobile, erisalat

  • Install and open thunder VPN app
  • Choose any available server
  • Do not touch anything else, just tap on the connect button and wait until it connects.

After it connects, you can go to your download files you have already lined up on your download section on UCMini browser or ADM and resume the download. It may take time as the speed is not fast.
With patience, you could download as many movies as possible everyday using this latest 9mobile free browsing cheat 2019. It is tested working, so you should give it a try. Enjoy!

Anonytun Settings For MTN 0.0k Free Browsing

Mtn cheat, mtn free browsing
With this new AnonyTun settings for free browsing, you don't need any config files anymore because this is faster and it doesn't have an expiration date. It'll keep working until this current free browsing is completely blocked.

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Follow The Steps Below For AnonyTun Settings

  1. ️Download this particular AnonyTun apk HERE 
  2. Install anonytun app you've downloaded from the link above
  3. Open it and click on Stealth settings
  4. Tap on Connection Protocol and select TCP
  5. Click Connection Port and Input 443

  6. Toggle on to Enable "Connect via Parent Proxy"
  7. Tap on Edit Parent Proxy
  8. Input Proxy Host as
  9. And Proxy port as 8080 and click OK
  10. Go back and tap on the  toggle on botton to Enable Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
  11. Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
  12. Under Input The Url/host, input  mtn1app.mtn.com
  13. Select CONNECT under Request Method
  14. Choose Normal under Injection Method
  15. Extra-Headers - Tick on Online Host, Keep-Alive and User-Agent

  16. Click On Save  and and save again the page the appear.
  17. Finally go back to anonyTun app home scree and tap on Connect

If you exceeds your 50mb limit data and you want access to another extra 10 mb, just change Url/host in the "Stealth Settings" from mtn1app.mtn.com to smartapp.mtnonline.com:8080
If all steps above is done right, it should connect.  Enjoy mtn free browsing with this anonytun settings that has been tested working.

Stark VPN 2019 MTN Cheat Settings March 2019

Stark VPN 2019 , mtn free browsing

Stark VPN settings is now available for free browsing using an mtn sim. It seems hammer VPN won't be restored anytime soon, so the only alternative for mtn free browsing is tweakware or stark VPN. Its very easy, just follow the easy step to setup stark VPN for mtn. Note , you don't need to download stark VPN configuration file.

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What is needed for Stark VPN 2019 mtn Free browsing cheat

  • An Android phone
  • MTN sim 
  • 3G or 4G strong mtn data network 

  • Latest Stark VPN apk or stark VPN mod - Download Here

Stark VPN MTN cheat Settings  - Free browsing cheat March 2019

This will show you how stark VPN works and how to use stark VPN for free browsing. Download and install Stark VPN, launch the app and set it like below
  • Under Select Tweak, choose Custom.
Stark VPN 2019

Stark VPN settings 2019

  • Tap the red Custom button at the right corner
Stark VPN 2019

  • Tap Select Connection Mode and choose HTTP
  • Tap Server Port and input 8080
  • Header Host -  input smartapp.mtnnigeria.net:8080 or mtn1app.mtn.com anyone works.
Stark VPN 2019

  • Select Header Line Type - chooseMultiLine
  • Proxy Host - input
  • Proxy Port - input 8080

Go back to stark VPN app homepage.
Server should remain in AUTO SERVER, don't touch it.

Finally, hit the CONNECT button.

Stark VPN for mtn cheat should connect now, all you need do is minimize the app and enjoy free 50mb daily data.

Hammer VPN Still Working, New Settings?

Hammer VPN
Hammer VPN have been serving us for some couple of weeks until some hammer VPN server stopped which was rectified by using another new trick to get Canada servers. These servers was working until today when most of us woke up to the new slow browsing hammer VPN.

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Is hammer VPN blocked?

My straight answer would be NO. There is still hope hammer VPN has not been blocked, it may be throated now but not blocked.

Hammer VPN new setting

I'm still trying to see if there is another way to go back to it it used yo be or even better, so just keep your fingers crossed as you will be the first to know when hammer VPN gets back. Check nairabit homepage for updates.


Latest Tweakware Settings For MTN Free Browsing 2019


Tweakware is a free cheat app that is associated with free browsing cheat just like psiphon handler, simple server, http injector, anonytun, N-VPN and so on. Today i will be sharing latest tweakware settings for mtn cheat, 2019. juat follow the simple instructions given here and you should be connected to the internet in a matter of minutes for free.

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 Working Config file 2019 - Http Injector ehi, Eproxy, KPN, Spark VPN Config

Tips to Save Data on your Phone - Number 5 is very important ! 


What is needed

  • Latest tweakware app         download tweakware here
  • Strong 3g/4g Network 
  • Android phone.

watch video

MTN 0.0k tweakware Settings For Free Browsing

1. Install and open the tweakware app you downloaded above

2. On the app, Tap on Settings
3. Tap on Custom Tweak,  then set it like below;

Tweakware Settings

  • Select Connection Mode: HTTP
  • Server Port: 8080
  • Host Header: mtn1app.mtn.com
  • Select Header Line Type: singleline ( this is the default so live it like that)
  • Proxy Host:
  • Proxy Port: 8080

4. Go back to tweakware homescreen and select any free server
5. Select Custom on the dropdown box below

6. Finally, hit the Connect button'

Wait for some few seconds for the app to connect, afterwards, all you need do is minimize the tweakware app and enjoy mtn free browsing. Remember that this mtn cheat is not unlimited. Enjoy!

MTN mpulse Data, March 2019 Now 1.2GB for N150

Mtn mpulse was lunched at the forth quarter of 2018 for teens but became a loophole for cheaters to get affordable mtn browsing by using the cheap data to power all applications via http injector. Then it was N50 for 350mb and also N150 for 1.2GB, all of a sudden, mtn change  mpulse allocated data to just 350mb for N150.

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This became so frustrating as it was seen to be too expensive when compared to the 1.2GB that was previously allocated.

MTN mpulse cheat is back!

The goodnews is that , mpulse data now cost ;

  • N50 for 350MB
  • N150 for 1.2GB
  • Exactly as it used to be

New mpulse data validity

  • N50 for 350MB plan is valid for 7 days
  • N150 for 1.2GB plan is valid for 30 days

How to migrate to MTN mpulse

To migrate to mtn mpulse, dail *344# ,follow the onscreen instructions.
Note that new subscription may be temporary close by mtn as at the time of writing this article (March 5, 2019), but you can try it out. Also note that the mpulse is now sim selective, you may not get up to the data that is displayed so the beat this to do it try it out with the #50 plan.

Hammer VPN - How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Limit

Hammer VPN, bypass hammer VPN daily limit
Hammer VPN is working for free on all android device for about a week now. I've made one or two post about mtn settings for hammer VPN app and also how to fix hammer VPN "connected but not browsing". Today, this new article will guide you through so you know how to bypass hammer VPN daily limit to get unlimited data bandwidth.

Download Hammer VPN Cracked Now - Latest version for unlimited bandwidth and fast servers

How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Data Limit of 100MB or 200MB

This works for all freenet (free browsing cheat) that is powered by Hammer VPN cracked apk version. So this works both on globe, TNT, airtel or even mtn free browsing cheat, so let's narrow this down to just mtn cheat because that's what's working now in Nigeria using hammer VPN app. To bypass hammer VPN daily limit, follow these steps carefully;
See Video illustrations below for easy comprehension

Exit hammer VPN app/Clear Data and cache

You are not suppose to use up to 100MB (daily) limit before you do this trick. But if you've used up to 100MB and you get the message to " wait till tomorrow" , no problem.
  1. Close the hammer VPN app
  2. Navigate to you android device app manager or app management, depending on your phone.
  3. Locate hammer VPN app and tap on it
  4. Look for "clear data" and "clear cache" , tap on both to clear the app data and cache.

Delete Hammer.dmp file

  1. Go to your file manager and locate "Android Folder", tap on it.
  2. You should see a folder named HAMMER_TEMP_DIR, tap on it
  3. Inside, you should see the hammer.dmp file. Delete this file and exit your file manager.

Change Your Date

  1. Next, you have to change your date to the next day. For example, today is 11th February, 2019, you could change it to 12 February 2019.
  2. Navigate to your phone settings
  3. Locate Time and Date Settings
  4. Tap to change the date on your android phone.

Edit .Playstor file

Here you will need ES File Explorer,  Download this particular ES file explorer here
  1. Install es file explorer app, Launch Es File Explorer > Tap Menu Icon> then Toggle on the Show Hidden Files Icon.
  2. If you don't do this you will not see the .Pastor file because it will remain hidden.
  3. Again, go back to your es file manager and locate Android folder.
    Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Limit a
  4. Scroll down, you should see a file named .Playstor.srf.h , tap on this file to edit its content using es file explorer. It should automatically be opened used es file editor when you click on it.
  5. You'll see the file contains just some set of numbers in this format - 11-16215464 or -16215464
  6. The first two numbers (11) represents today's date, all you need do is change the date number to the next day date I.e from 11 to 12.

Note that you may not see any number before the - symbol (something like -16215464) , all you have to do here is to add the next date before the - symbol and save. For example, if the next day is 12 , -16215464 would become 12-16215464.

Go back,  Launch your Hammer VPN, input your 2 ports (8080 and 9201) in the fields provided, then hit the  Connect button.

Last and Very important !

  • Connect using server 5 and 6, immediately you hit the connect button, don't waste any time. Just minimize the app even if it has not connected.

This is all. You can repeat this step anytime you exhaust your mtn 100mb. But while connected, use just 80mb then while still connected, go to hammer temp folder and delete the file you see there. Then go and change your date. This way you won't have to go through all the steps to bypass hammer VPN daily limit.

Fix Hammer VPN Connected But Not Browsing - MTN free browsing cheat 2019

Hammer vpn mtn

Hello everyone, I dropped working hammer vpn mtn cheat for free browsing earlier but one issue most people face now is being unable to browse even when connected (hammer VPN not browsing when connected). With this easy trick, you can fix this and start getting your hammer VPN to tunnel your device.


How to fix hammer VPN MTN cheat "connected but not browsing"

  1. Make sure you must have read the post or watch my short YouTube video on hammer VPN mtn settings.
  2. Close all applications and open only the hammer VPN app

  3. Choose only sever 5, Server 6, 40 or 49 input the other necessary hammer VPN mtn settings and tap on the connect button.
  4. You may see "server full" immediately its connected. Don't worry, just tap on connect button again and again until you are finally connected.

It seems only server 5 and 6 on hammer VPN mtn settings can tunnel your android device to browse when connected so try to get connected by using this simple reconnection trick. Yes, it might be stressful but remember this is mtn free browsing cheat, you don't pay a dime for it.


Hammer VPN MTN Settings Cheat - Free Browsing Cheat 2019

Mtn sim, mtn cheat, mtn hammer VPN cheat

Great new for mtn free browsing cheat, mtn hammer vpn cheat 2019 is now available to all mtn subscribers. I will be showing you hammer vpn mtn settings for free browsing. Unlike mtn 0.0k cheat using HTTP injector, this one uses another brand of free VPN app called hammer VPN.

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Benefits  of mtn Free browsing Cheat using hammer VPN apk

  1. Offers mtn 0.0k free browsing  i. e you don't need to have any airtime or data on your phone.
  2. This mtn hammer vpn cheat is capped  at over 100MB minimum per day and unlimited  on few lucky mtn SIM (hammer vpn free server  is capped at just 100mb per day, you could  use up to 5 different  free servers daily to give you up to 500MB minimum  per day).
  3. This MTN cheat doesn't  require  any configuration file.
  4. It's free  as long g as the loophole  remains open.

What you need for this mtn cheat

  • Android  phone or MiFi  with mtn 3g or 4g SIM inside
  • Excellent  MTN strength
  • Modified Hammer VPN apk

Hammer VPN MTN Settings For MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2019

  • MTN Apn Settings  - use the default  mtn song settings  that already  exist on your device.
  • Download this  particular Hammer VPN APK from the download  link at the end (button) of this article 
  • Install and open the app

Note : Please  Don’t update the app after installation, even if you are prompt to install it

  • Input the following settings -
  • Username: default
  • Password: skip this, don't input anything
  • Server: Choose any available free server
  • Input these ports into two port boxes in the fields  below. First box, input 8080 and second box, input 9201. See short video below

  • Finally,  hit the Connect button and wait for few seconds  while  it connects.

Hammer VPN apk download - download  here

That's all,  if you've done  everything  right,  it should  now show connected.  Enjoy mtn hammer vpn cheat, just open any browser or you favourite app and start enjoying  free internet.  If you encounter any trouble,  please  let us know via the comments section below.