Latest Airtel Cheat 2018: Operamini Handler Settings For New Airtel Cheat

Airtel Nigeria

Earlier today i posted free browsing cheat on Airtel using Facebook lite handler app, this article will show you the settings on how to use Latest Airtel  Cheat for free browsing 2018 to get unlimited browsing and downloads using Operamini Handler android app.

For this free cheat to work you don't need any Airtel cheat code, you need an Airtel SIM without Airtel data bundle or airtime. You also need to download the Opera Mini Handler file I have uploaded. With these two vital requirements, all that is needed is the Settings for this new Airtel subscription cheat.

Latest Airtel Cheat APN Settings

There are 2 different APN to tryout, anyone or both  I should work for you. Locatephone network which should be under settings, then create a new (Access Point Name) APN settings like the one below;

  • Apn name: Nairabit
  • Apn : Internet.ng.airtel.com 
  • Ip: 
  • Port: 80

Airtel APN settings

If this above APN doesn't work, try this

  • Apn name: Nairabit
  • Apn : Internet.ng.zain.com 
  • Ip: leave empty
  • Port: leave empty
  • Leave other fields in the default, then Save.

Airtel Data Cheat 2018: Operamini Handler  Settings

This next step involve setting up the Operamini browser app that you will download at the end of this article.

  1. Download and open the Opera Handler app from the next page under Airtel cheat (link at the bottom of this article)
  2. Next install and Open the app
  3. You should see the handler menu now, all you need do is input these settings in the appropriate field provided;

  • Proxy type: Real Host
  • proxy server : mini5-7.opera-mini.net/Nairabit.com.server2

Now save.
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Bypass Opera mini - How To Download more than 10mb, 15mb on Operamini

Did I mention this free browsing cheat is Unlimited? Well, that's true but only when you do this trick to bypass Operamini 15mb or 10mb download limit so make sure to follow the highlighted link to read it up. If you fail to use this trick, you won't be able to download any file that is above 10 or 15mb.

Operamini Handler Download

Download Opera Handler APK  - follow the link and check under Airtel Cheat on the next page.


Airtel Cheat: Latest Airtel Browsing Cheat On Handler App

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Latest Free Browsing Cheat On NTel For August 2018

Latest Free Browsing Cheat 2018 For MTN on N-VPN

I hope you enjoy this latest Airtel cheat 2018 before it is blocked. If you are having any troubles, let me know via your comments below.


Airtel Cheat: Latest Airtel Browsing Cheat On Handler App

Airtel cheat, latest Airtel cheat, Airtel data cheat

Hey guys, bring out your Airtel SIM to enjoy latest free browsing on Airtel.This Airtel cheat for August 2018 works on android using Facebook handler app, which means you can use it to access facebook for free with pictures unlike the Airtel free basics that gives free Facebook to all subscribers but without pictures, "Faceless book", funny right?.

This free and latest Airtel cheat 2018 also works on psiphon to power all apps but it's not reliable because it takes long to connect and when it does, it disconnects within a short time.

Airtel Cheat 2018 APN Settings For Free Browsing

Go to your mobile phone settings, locate APN and create a new APN settings using these parameters below;
Name: Airtel Facebook
Apn: cmss.gprs.com
Port: 80
Leave other fields in their default and save this new Settings. You can now move to the next step.

Airtel Cheat Handler Settings For Free Facebook

Download Facebook handler app under Airtel free Browsing Cheat, on the nxt page
Open  the android app and enter these simple settings;

Front Query - Input

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That's all you need to to enjoy Airtel Cheat free browsing on your android phone. It's unlimited, and you will be the first to know when it starts working on other cheat apps VPN like anonytun, Psiphon.

Latest Free Browsing Cheat On NTel For August 2018

NTel, NTel nigeria, NTel free browsing cheat

NTel is Nigeria's 4G LTE network that has one of the Cheapest data plan in the country. For those looking for NTel cheat, it's now available, NTel latest free browsing cheat, August 2018 does not require any VPN app or settings.

As most of you guys may have known, NTel Network do have some technical glitches sometimes which allows free browsing. So I monitor the network from time to time so as to know when it's Browsing for free, then i alert those who which to make use of the free browsing.

So, i inserted an NTel SIM without data, and it has been browsing and downloading since yesterday. To confirm it, I shared this with some close friends and they confirmed it's working.

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What are you waiting for, bring out you NTel SIM and start enjoying latest free browsing cheat on Ntel.


9mobile (Etisalat) 500 Naira For 4.5GB Data Plan, Subscription Code

9mobile, Etisalat, data plan, 9mobile data plan, etisalat data Subscription, Etisalat 500 data plan

This is the latest cheap data plan promo from 9mobile which gives awoof (very cheap) data to its subscribers. 9mobile (Etisalat), this afternoon on its Twitter handle lunched this new 9mobile 500 Naira for 4.5GB data plan. This article will tell you all you need to know about this promo from 9mobile.

This etisalat data subscription promo is for new subscribers on easy cliq tariff plan, so to get started you need a new Etisalat SIM card.
About 9mobile (Etisalat) Easy Cliq.

How To Subscribe To 9mobile (etisalat) 500 Naira for 4.5GB Data Plan

Visit any 9mobile experience center, buy and register a new 9mobile SIM Card.
Insert the SIM on your phone and immediately dail this code below to migrate to 9mobile (etisalat) easy cliq tariff plan

Call 200 , then press 2

You will get a confirmation message that you have successfully migrated to easycliq. Now you can move on to the next step which is to dail the promo code which gives 4.5GB for 500 Naira.

9Mobile (Etisalat) Data Subscription Code For 500 Naira To Get 4.5GB

Dail the code below;


9mobile 4.5GB for 500 Naira Plan Validity

Please know that you will be given 4.5GB for 500 Naira but will be valid for only 5 days. So you must exhaust the data on or before 12midnite on the 5th day or your remaining data will be wiped off.

9mobile, Etisalat, data plan, 9mobile data plan, etisalat data Subscription

See other Cheap Data Plan

Personally, I this this 9mobile (Etisalat) 500 Naira for 4.5GB data plan / promo would have been a better offer if the validity period was at least 14days (2 weeks) or even a whole month. This same 500 Naira can could give you 6GB for a whole month on ntel WaWu data plan. What do you think?

MTN Free Browsing 2018 August working With New Config File After It Was Blocked

MTN free Browsing, MTN cheat latest, MTN cheat august 2018

A  new Config file has been made and it's successfully working for mtn free browsing august 2018 on MTN. As you may recall, MTN Nigeria Subscribers used latest VPN cheat to browsing for free on http injector, spark VPN, psiphon VPN, nairabit VPN as well as Syphon shield app, but was blocked by MTN. For Airtel subscribers looking for Airtel browsing cheat, be patient.

How To Use New MTN Cheat Latest Config File

This file works only on http injector vpn app, so read about how to use and import config file on http injector. After reading, you may proceed to download this new Config file and start to browse for free on MTN, no MTN cheat code needed.

Note that this latest free browsing cheat ehi file that you will download below still remains unlimited for some persons and 10mb capped for others, so pray u get the unlimited.
Good luck !

How To Download

To download a file on Nairabit, you have to navigate two different pages before you download your file at the final download page. To download a file
• Click on the file link at the end of an article. 
• On the next page, Locate the file under its cheat column (MTN cheat, glo cheat, Airtel cheat, etisalat (9mobile) free browsing cheat).
• Click on " continue to download page". 
• On the final download page, scroll down and click on the file to download. Your Download will start in a few seconds.

This latest working MTN free browsing cheat config file was made and uploaded 8 August, 2018.


Airtel Number Code: How To Check Airtel Number On Your Phone

How to check Airtel number, code to check Airtel number, Airtel nigeria

Gone are those days where SIM cards used to sell for over 30 thousand Naira, today you can get SIM Cards for free or below 500 Naira. This makes people get more than one SIM alongside their major SIM card and hence may not know the Phone number of their new SIM, so I will be showing you the  how to check Airtel Number on your phone by using a ussd code.

This simple tutorial will answer questions most Airtel subscribers ask, like how to check airtel number using ussd", how to check my airtel number details", "how to check airtel personal number", "how to know airtel mobile number from sim card", "how to get your airtel number with code".

Can't remember my Airtel number on this phone

Don't worry, follow any of these two simple method using USSD Code below.

Method One: Code to check Airtel Number Using On-screen instructions

To check your Airtel phone number, dail this code below;


You will see some on-screen options to choose from, Select Manage My Account by inputting 2.
You will be shown the next on-screen options which include;

  1. My data balance
  2. My Balance
  3. My Data Plan
  4. My Number
  5. My tariff Plan
  6. KYC status
  7. My Serial Number
  8. MY PUK

Just input 4 that has the option, MY Number. The next display on your phone will be your full Airtel number.

Method 2: Direct USSD Code To Check Airtel Number

While method one works for all Airtel Nigeria Subscribers, method two may not work for everyone but it's a direct ussd code to dail to know your Airtel number. Just Dail the code below


This article on How to check Airtel number works on both new and old SIM.

Latest Free Browsing Cheat 2018 For MTN on N-VPN

Free browsing on MTN has been around for about a week, the latest of which is MTN latest free browsing cheat 2018 on Nairabit VPN and N-VPN PRIME cheat app. All thattis required for this free internet cheat is mtn sim, android cell phone, vpn app and network. To use this free net (free internet), follow the instructions below.

MTN Nigeria Latest Free Browsing VPN Configuration / Settings

  • Tap settings at the top right corner of the app and toggle Stealth Settings on.

  • Under connection protocol, choose TCP

Latest Free browsing cheat, MTN cheat, latest cheat

  • Connection port , input 443 in the box

  • Tap on Enable custom TCP/HTTP to toggle it on

Tap on edit custom TCP/HTTP HEADERS and enter this following Settings;

  • Url/host, input smartapp.mtnnigeria.net

  • Request method, choose POST

Latest Free browsing cheat, MTN cheat, latest cheat

Tick the following under extra headers,

  • ✓online host
  • ✓ User agent
  • ✓ keep alive

Latest Free browsing cheat, MTN cheat, latest cheat

Now tap on  generate button, tap on Save,  Save again and Finally hit CONNECT on the homescreen of the app. You can choose United States, Netherlands or Germany Servers.

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Nairabit - Latest Free Browsing Cheat 2018 For MTN on N-VPN has status, Working, and was last edited 6th August 2018.

Mtn double data 2018 Offer Still Working: Get 2GB For N500 on MTN Pulse

MTN, promo, MTN double data 2018, MTN double data code
If you are amonge those mtn subscribers on nairaland or elsewhere wondering whether MTN double data 2018 Promo is still working, the answer is yes. Just like Airtel double data, MTN has an offer or promo which give it's subscribers 100% data bonus on all MTN data subscription.

To all MTN users, this is how mtn double data cheat works;
  • Subscribe to  500MB and get 1GB instead
  • Subscribe to mtn pulse 1GB for 500 Naira and get 2GB or MTN monthly data plan of 1000 Naira and get 2GB instead
  • Subscribe to MTN Monthly plan of  1.5GB for  1,200 Naira and get 3GB instead.
Any Subscription you make on MTN, you get double data.

How To Get MTN Double Data 2018

Open your text message box
  • Send the word  REG 3 to 131
  • Send REG again to 131
  • Then for the last time, send another REG to 131

  • Next is to send the word PROMO to 131
  • Send PROMO again to 131

After you are done with this, you will get a message from MTN congratulating you, you can now proceed to confirm your MTN double data. Now you can go ahead and choose any MTN data plan of your choice.

How To Check MTN DATA BONUS account

To check your  data bonus or promo balance, dail the MTN code below;

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Nairabit - Mtn double data 2018 still working this August was last edited 6th August 2018.

2018 MTN Free Browsing Cheat on Syphon Handler For August, No Config File Needed

Syphon Shield, MTN cheat, MTN free browsing, August 2018 free browsing, MTN cheat Configuration, latest mtn cheat

MTN cheat 2018 is now available on Syphon handler to browse and download for free. If MTN  cheat on http injector didn't work for you, you can try the other free browsing on Spark VPN although they work on mostly Non rooted device. If you have a rooted android phone, you can unroot your phone and start using this cheat. Anyways, this mtn latest free browsing cheat on Syphon handler android app, do not need any MTN Config file.

MTN Free Browsing Cheat on Syphon Requirement - No  Config File Needed

✓ Android phone: This MTN cheat works on Rooted and Unroot android device.
✓ Strong MTN Network
✓ No Data or MB should be on your account i.e 0.0k
✓ Syphon Shield Virtual Private Network (VPN) app.

Mtn Free Browsing Cheat Configuration on Syphon handler

1. Download syphon shield app  - Link provided at the bottom of this article.

2. Install and open the Syphon app and input these Config settings below;

• Tick Remove Port
• Under️ Proxy Type choose Real Host
• Proxy Server - input smartapp.mtnnigeria.net
• Real Proxy Type: choose HTTP
• Real Proxy Port: input 80

Syphon Shield, MTN cheat, MTN free browsing, August 2018 free browsing, MTN cheat Configuration, latest mtn cheat

•️ Tap OK  to Save. Then click on Tunnel Whole device from the next pop up message and click on OK.

3. On the next tab that appears, select USA Server as your preferred server, the tap on More options( round settings symbol just on top the Facebook messenger icon at the bottom of the app)and input the following config settings.

Syphon Shield, MTN cheat, MTN free browsing, August 2018 free browsing, MTN cheat Configuration, latest mtn cheat

• Tap on Connect through an HTTP Proxy to tick the small box.

• Tap on Use the following Settings

Syphon Shield, MTN cheat, MTN free browsing, August 2018 free browsing, MTN cheat Configuration, latest mtn cheat

• Host Address:

• Port: 8080

That's all, now go back the the main tab (homescreen of Syphon) and tap on CONNECT.

Download Syphon Shield Handler

To download any app on nairabit, click on the download link of the file at the bottom (end) of the article. This will take you to another page, for MTN cheat app, locate "MTN free browsing cheat" by scrolling down, then tap on the app and download it from the final Download page.

Nairabit - 2018 MTN Free Browsing Cheat on Syphon For August was last edited 4th August 2018


MTN Latest Free Browsing Cheat Working on Rooted and Non Rooted Phone - See Trick

Browsing, free browsing, phone, MTN cheat MTN latest free browsing cheat

Free browsing on MTN is available for everyone in Nigeria an also Ghana. The former (Nigeria), is MTN free browsing on Spark VPN and Http injector and works mostly on non-rooted device, so those with rooted android phones finds it difficult to use this MTN Latest free browsing cheat. The solution to this is very simple, and it's something that would take nothing less than 3mins, so let's get started after which you can browse and download unlimited on MTN using spark or http injector Von with United States, UK or Netherlands free sever.

How To Make MTN Latest Free Browsing Cheat Work on Rooted Phones

First you will need 3 things;

1• KingRoot App - Download link for the particular version of Kingroot provided at the bottom of this article.

2• The second requirement is an internet connection. You only need less than 1mb to get the job done.

3• Download Root Checker

How Do I Unroot my phone 

To enjoy this latest MTN cheat, you will need to unroot your phone using Kingroot.

• Download Kingroot from the link below.

• Install and open the app

• Tap on Unroot.

• Your android phone will Unroot in a matter of just few minutes. Now you should reboot your device.

To confirm that you have successfully Unroot your phone, install and open the Root Checker app. This will tell​ you if you have successfully Unroot your phone. If done successfully, you can now go ahead and enjoy latest mtn free browsing cheat.


To download, scroll down and check under "For MTN free browsing cheat" on the page that appears when you click on the file link below

Download Root Checker app

Download Kingroot

Nairabit - MTN Latest Free Browsing Cheat Working on Rooted and Non Rooted Phone was last edited on 2nd July 2018.