Download SkyVPN Cracked Version For Unlimited Free Internet

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SkyVPN is one of the latest and best VPN available to access free internet in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, South Africa and also other countries around the world. In Nigeria, it works great on Glo Cheat so if you are on Glo network, you can also enjoy SkyVPN.

This is a cracked version of the original SkyVPN which gives premium features without you paying for it and also no need to register nor share or refer someone to get extra bandwidth.

How To Make Use Of SkyVPN Premium Cracked Version For Glo Cheat

• Download SkyVPN Cracked Version - ( link provided at the end (bottom) of this article

Please note: you must  not update SkyVPN from playstore or any other place. Ignore any update prompt from the app.

•  Install and launch the android VPN app.

SkyVPN Cracked, premium, glo cheat 2018, free browsing cheat, free internet

• Tap on Basic to select.
Basic is actually limited on SkyVPN app but unlimited on this cracked version.

• Now choose any server and tap on Connect. Try all servers one after the other until you get the best server that connects. Canada server works best for me.
In some cases, you might see that you have 600MB limit, just ignore it and continue because it is actually unlimited.


Glo Data Not Turning or Switching On 2018, Solved !

To put a hold on Glo free browsing cheat which is used to access free internet, Glo decided to put off data on any glo line that doesn't have any glo data subscription on it. Most people started having issues about Glo data not turning or switching on, although in very few cases is as a result of Glo network problem being experienced at many locations across the country.

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If your glo data is on without you having any glo data bundle, then congratulations, you can now choose from any of these glo cheat to access free internet for free browsing and downloads.

How to turn or Switch on Glo data Connection without data

To ensure that you glo SIM bring out glo data connection, you must do any one of the following;

• Subscribe to glo daily data Subscription of 25 Naira for 12.5MB by dailing *777#, or

• Migrate to glo Glo Jumbo Tariff Plan by dailing #224#

Glo Tariff Plan, glo data subscription plan, glo cheat, glo Network not turning on, switching on

• The third option is to migrate to glo PAYU Plan

With the above trick, you can solve "glo data not turning or switching on problem. Note that if you subscribe to glo daily plan, your glo data network will continue to come up even after you exhaust the data given you.


Glo Data Subscription - How to Migrate to Glo PAYU Plan For Free Internet

glo payu plan, glo payu code, glo data subscription, glo cheat

Glo PayU  is actually not among glo daily, weekly or monthly data plan but it is the default plan that is recommended if you are interested in cheap browsing with your Airtime. PayU means "Pay As You Go", which means you pay only for the data you consume, in real time. Glo PayU charges one Naira per Megabyte (mb).

How To Subscribe to Glo PayU data Subscription

To subscribe to this data plan, you dont need any Glo PayU code,

• Goto text message box

• Text PAYU to 127

You will receive a message from Glo like this format below;

"Dear Customer, you are browsing on Flexi recharge at 1N per MB. To buy a data plan as low as N1000 for 2GB, visit http://www.hsi.glo.com or simply dail *777#"

Glo PAYU  Cheat

Glo cheat for free Browsing and free internet rely on PAYU to work. This is popularly called glo 0.0k cheat which makes use of Glo redirect URL for free browsing.
Sometimes, you are automatically given the Glo PAYU plan when you exhaust you data plan.


UC Browser File Not Downloading - How To Download Stucked Files On UC, N Mini

You may have  come across some issues like "my UC browser is not downloading videos" or "UC browser download error"  or " UC  browser download stucked". To download files on UCmini or N-Mini browsers that refused to start download or have retrying problem for a long time , follow the steps below to fix this;

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How To Solve or Fix latest UC & N-Mini Browser "File not downloading" Problem

To solve a retrying problem on UC Mini browser, follow the steps below;

Step 1

• Open another tab on the N-Mini or UCmini browser.
• Copy and paste the URL below

Step 2

• Go to the download tab
• Long press and tap on the file that has refused to download.
• Tap on the three dots at the bottom right corner of the app.
•  Tap on copy under Download path to copy the download URL of the file you which to download.

Step 3

• Go back to the securefor.com tab.

• Paste the copied download link on the url box provided on the website.

• Tap on go
That's all, your download should start but this time there won't be any UC download error or UC browser got stucked when downloading videos or other files.


Glo Latest Free Browsing Cheat With Fast Download on Glo N-Mini Browser

Still on Glo free browsing cheat 2018, the latest of which is this moded browser from UCmini source code by nairabit. This moded browser has inbuilt super speed download you get on the normal UCmini browser, so this is considered "the fastest browser" for all of your downloads needs. It doesn't just download but browse as well, this browser has been configured to bypass Glo speed throttle limit that you experience on VPN cheat apps like Psiphon, anonytun and others.  Credits also goes to ISRAELORD and deProf of Nairabit WhatsApp group for their contributions to N-Mini Browser for latest glo free browsing cheat.

Benefits of N-Mini Browser for Latest Glo Free Browsing Cheat

• Fastest Download Speed - speed reaching up to 200kb/s (low, for areas with not very good glo Network Strength) to over 1mb/s where glo Network strength is considerably good.

• N-Mini is a light weight application, takes up little space on your device.

• You don't need any vpn cheat app to access free internet.

• It's absolutely free of charge, Nairabit does not charge a dime for its moded apps, so no one should sell it. It should be given free to anyone looking for glo free internet for free browsing and unlimited download on Glo Network.

How to Configure Glo Cheat On N-Mini

• Use this specific glo APN written here

• Download N-Mini Browser - download link k at the end (bottom) of this article.

• Install, open Mini and start browsing and download.

• Some files May not Download, so read this next article to see how to download stubborn files that refused to download using Glo free browsing cheat and N-Mini Browser - UCmini Download Fix -  How To Download Stubborn Files On N-Mini, UCmini Browser
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Mtn, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel Data Cheat For Free Browsing 2018 
Latest Glo Free Browsing Cheat On N-VPN PRIME 3g/4g SIM

Enjoy! Hope this helped. Leave a comment below about N-Mini Browser, did this Glo cheat work for you?


Glo Cheat Free Browsing 2018 July on WhatsVpn

Glo cheat, glo free Browsing, VPN cheat app, free internet

It's been glo, glo, glo free browsing cheat everywhere, the painful part is glo poor Network at most locations in the country. For those with excellent glo Network, this is more than excellent. Some nairabit whatsapp members send me screenshots of of huge amount of glo free data they have used up since I posted the first glo cheat while for others it's a sad one because some can't get the app to connect, even when it connects they are not able to use it to browse or download meaningfully because of not so very good glo network. This post is all about latest Glo free browsing cheat on WhatsVpn.

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This is the same WhatsVpn cheat app on android phone used to access  a free internet for on 9mobile (Etisalat) free browsing cheat that stopped working just last week.

Glo Cheat on WhatsVpn - Requirements

✓ Glo SIM - 3G SIM only (not LTE)
✓ Strong Glo Network - very important
✓ Android phone - android 4.0 and above
✓ WhatsVpn app - download at the end (bottom) of this article.
If you have all the above , congratulations cus this unlimited free internet is for you.

Latest Glo Free Browsing Cheat on WhatsVpn - The Settings

• Download WhatsVPN - link provided at the buttom (end) of this article.
• Install the android cheat app on your phone.
• Open the app and choose any server (United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, etc) just choose any one or choose fastest server to automatically pick anyone.

• Wait for WhatsVpn to connect in a few seconds.
• Minimize the app and start enjoying free internet on Glo.

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Note that you need strong network strength to use this Latest Unlimited glo free browsing cheat.


Glo Free Browsing July 2018 On Stark VPN - Latest Glo Cheat

Glo cheat, glo free browsing, latest glo cheat

Most of you guys are not new to free internet browsing on Glo using different VPN cheat apps like Psiphon, XP, N-VPN, Anonytun, http injector and many others. The latest of them is stark VPN which now  works with glo free Browsing 2018.

To bring up your glo data, you need to dail this Glo free browsing code to subscribe to glo daily data plan of 25 Naira for just 12.5MB. 

How to Setup Glo Free Browsing 2018 Cheat on Stark VPN

Glo Cheat APN (Access Point Name)

• Goto settings and use this glo manual APN below
✓ Name: Nairabit Glo (or any name you can think of)
✓ APN - glo flat
✓ Username - flat
✓ Password - flat
Leave other fields the way the are and proceed to the next step.

Latest Unlimited Glo free Browsing 2018 cheat - Stark VPN settings

• Download Stark VPN from the Link provided at the bottom (end) of this article.

• Install and open the app for free browsing

• Tap on Tweak and Choose Custom

• Next Tap on  the red button close to "tweak" that has "Custom" written on it.

• On the Custom Settings page tap on  Select Connection Mode - Choose HTTP.

• Server Port - input 80

• Host Header - input

• Finally, go back and tap on the red disconnect button to connect.

Wait for a few seconds for the cheat app to connect, minimize the app and enjoy unlimited glo free browsing on stark VPN. You can use any of the servers, United States, Netherlands, France, Germany, Canada etc. or choose best perfomance or Auto select.

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Glo free browsing on stark VPN was last edited July 14th 2018.


MTN Bonus Codes - How To Check MTN Bonus Data, Airtime Balance 2018

MTN bonus codes, bonus data, check airtime bonus, free browsing cheat codes

MTN gives bonus data when you are on any of their promo plans or you are a new subscriber or whenever you purchase any MTN data plan. Bonus data is also given when one does a recharge or top-up depending on the amount of the recharge. Old mtn bonus code *142# no longer works so see all new MTN bonus codes to check  your bonus data below.

How To Check  Data Bonus Using New MTN bonus codes

• To check you bonus data account balance, dail the MTN bonus code below


Then press the send or green icon button

• To check your MTN bonus expiry date dail;


Then press the send or green icon button

General code to check all mtn data Bonus

• The code is *559#

• To check you MTN Airtime bonus account balance , dail *559*61# or *556# 

Etisalat Data Subscription - New 9Mobile 500 Naira Monthly Data Plan

9mobile data plan, Etisalat data plan, Etisalat data Subscription, etisalat 500 Naira data  plan

9mobile (etisalat) data plan is one of the most expensive when you compare it to other Telecommunications network in the country. Because of some subscribers can't afford 9mobile (etisalat) 1000 Naira monthly data plan, they go for etisalat data Subscription of 500 naira which is among the cheap cell phone data plan currently available on 9mobile (etisalat).

9Mobile (etisalat) 500 Naira Data Subscription Data Allocation and Validity

This data Subscription plan gives 500MB for 500 Naira only and it's is valid for 30 days.

How To Subscribe To 9mobile (etisalat) data Subscription of 500 Naira

Method 1 - USSD code

• To Subscribe, dail the Etisalat data plan code below


Method 2 - Text Message

• To Subscribe to 9mobile (Etisalat) monthly data subscription, open your text message on your device and text LCD to 229.

This is currently the cheapest available monthly 9mobile (Etisalat) data subscription plan of 500 Naira. 


Glo 4G LTE Settings, 3G Manual APN on All Device

Glo 4g LTE settings, glo manual APN settings, glo data plan, glo 4g, 4g  Subscription Code,

For this with 4G enabled devices, I will be showing you manual glo 4G LTE settings that works on all device ranging from smartphones, MiFi,Modems,  routers, and other 4G enabled device. This is for those that didn't get glo automatic configuration settings.

LTE stands for  "Long Term Evolution", it is the new generation fast speed internet service after 3G. LTE service provides faster download speed and also high quality video rendering with breaks when compared to 4G network. Although countries like China and United States moving closer to 5G LTE with the likes of AT&T, Nigeria just started embracing 4G.

Glo 4G LTE Settings For All Device

• To check if your phone or device support glo 4G LTE service, open your message box and send;
4G to 400.

To upgrade to glo 4g LTE, buy a new glo 4G SIM at any glo shop or swap your SIM for a 4G enabled Glo SIM at any glo experience center.

• Next check if your location has glo 4G LTE coverage. See Glo coverage map here

• Go to your device Settings and set your glo APN settings like below;

✓ APN - gloflat
✓ Username - flat
✓ Password - flat

Yes, this is same as glo 3g internet settings, it works for  a both 3g and 4g LTE, so save glo 4G LTE settings and choose as your default settings. If you already have the settings there, no need to create another one.  Glo 4g subscription code is also same as 3g, *777#.