Hammer VPN - How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Limit

Hammer VPN, bypass hammer VPN daily limit
Hammer VPN is working for free on all android device for about a week now. I've made one or two post about mtn settings for hammer VPN app and also how to fix hammer VPN "connected but not browsing". Today, this new article will guide you through so you know how to bypass hammer VPN daily limit to get unlimited data bandwidth.

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How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Data Limit of 100MB or 200MB

This works for all freenet (free browsing cheat) that is powered by Hammer VPN cracked apk version. So this works both on globe, TNT, airtel or even mtn free browsing cheat, so let's narrow this down to just mtn cheat because that's what's working now in Nigeria using hammer VPN app. To bypass hammer VPN daily limit, follow these steps carefully;
See Video illustrations below for easy comprehension

Exit hammer VPN app/Clear Data and cache

You are not suppose to use up to 100MB (daily) limit before you do this trick. But if you've used up to 100MB and you get the message to " wait till tomorrow" , no problem.
  1. Close the hammer VPN app
  2. Navigate to you android device app manager or app management, depending on your phone.
  3. Locate hammer VPN app and tap on it
  4. Look for "clear data" and "clear cache" , tap on both to clear the app data and cache.

Delete Hammer.dmp file

  1. Go to your file manager and locate "Android Folder", tap on it.
  2. You should see a folder named HAMMER_TEMP_DIR, tap on it
  3. Inside, you should see the hammer.dmp file. Delete this file and exit your file manager.

Change Your Date

  1. Next, you have to change your date to the next day. For example, today is 11th February, 2019, you could change it to 12 February 2019.
  2. Navigate to your phone settings
  3. Locate Time and Date Settings
  4. Tap to change the date on your android phone.

Edit .Playstor file

Here you will need ES File Explorer,  Download this particular ES file explorer here
  1. Install es file explorer app, Launch Es File Explorer > Tap Menu Icon> then Toggle on the Show Hidden Files Icon.
  2. If you don't do this you will not see the .Pastor file because it will remain hidden.
  3. Again, go back to your es file manager and locate Android folder.
    Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Limit a
  4. Scroll down, you should see a file named .Playstor.srf.h , tap on this file to edit its content using es file explorer. It should automatically be opened used es file editor when you click on it.
  5. You'll see the file contains just some set of numbers in this format - 11-16215464 or -16215464
  6. The first two numbers (11) represents today's date, all you need do is change the date number to the next day date I.e from 11 to 12.

Note that you may not see any number before the - symbol (something like -16215464) , all you have to do here is to add the next date before the - symbol and save. For example, if the next day is 12 , -16215464 would become 12-16215464.

Go back,  Launch your Hammer VPN, input your 2 ports (8080 and 9201) in the fields provided, then hit the  Connect button.

Last and Very important !

  • Connect using server 5 and 6, immediately you hit the connect button, don't waste any time. Just minimize the app even if it has not connected.

This is all. You can repeat this step anytime you exhaust your mtn 100mb. But while connected, use just 80mb then while still connected, go to hammer temp folder and delete the file you see there. Then go and change your date. This way you won't have to go through all the steps to bypass hammer VPN daily limit.

Fix Hammer VPN Connected But Not Browsing - MTN free browsing cheat 2019

Hammer vpn mtn

Hello everyone, I dropped working hammer vpn mtn cheat for free browsing earlier but one issue most people face now is being unable to browse even when connected (hammer VPN not browsing when connected). With this easy trick, you can fix this and start getting your hammer VPN to tunnel your device.


How to fix hammer VPN MTN cheat "connected but not browsing"

  1. Make sure you must have read the post or watch my short YouTube video on hammer VPN mtn settings.
  2. Close all applications and open only the hammer VPN app

  3. Choose only sever 5, Server 6, 40 or 49 input the other necessary hammer VPN mtn settings and tap on the connect button.
  4. You may see "server full" immediately its connected. Don't worry, just tap on connect button again and again until you are finally connected.

It seems only server 5 and 6 on hammer VPN mtn settings can tunnel your android device to browse when connected so try to get connected by using this simple reconnection trick. Yes, it might be stressful but remember this is mtn free browsing cheat, you don't pay a dime for it.


Hammer VPN MTN Settings Cheat - Free Browsing Cheat 2019

Mtn sim, mtn cheat, mtn hammer VPN cheat

Great new for mtn free browsing cheat, mtn hammer vpn cheat 2019 is now available to all mtn subscribers. I will be showing you hammer vpn mtn settings for free browsing. Unlike mtn 0.0k cheat using HTTP injector, this one uses another brand of free VPN app called hammer VPN.

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Benefits  of mtn Free browsing Cheat using hammer VPN apk

  1. Offers mtn 0.0k free browsing  i. e you don't need to have any airtime or data on your phone.
  2. This mtn hammer vpn cheat is capped  at over 100MB minimum per day and unlimited  on few lucky mtn SIM (hammer vpn free server  is capped at just 100mb per day, you could  use up to 5 different  free servers daily to give you up to 500MB minimum  per day).
  3. This MTN cheat doesn't  require  any configuration file.
  4. It's free  as long g as the loophole  remains open.

What you need for this mtn cheat

  • Android  phone or MiFi  with mtn 3g or 4g SIM inside
  • Excellent  MTN strength
  • Modified Hammer VPN apk

Hammer VPN MTN Settings For MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2019

  • MTN Apn Settings  - use the default  mtn song settings  that already  exist on your device.
  • Download this  particular Hammer VPN APK from the download  link at the end (button) of this article 
  • Install and open the app

Note : Please  Don’t update the app after installation, even if you are prompt to install it

  • Input the following settings -
  • Username: default
  • Password: skip this, don't input anything
  • Server: Choose any available free server
  • Input these ports into two port boxes in the fields  below. First box, input 8080 and second box, input 9201. See short video below

  • Finally,  hit the Connect button and wait for few seconds  while  it connects.

Hammer VPN apk download - download  here

That's all,  if you've done  everything  right,  it should  now show connected.  Enjoy mtn hammer vpn cheat, just open any browser or you favourite app and start enjoying  free internet.  If you encounter any trouble,  please  let us know via the comments section below.


MTN Latest Free browsing Cheat Febuary, 2019 Using Psiphon Handler

MTN has a loophole since August last year and has provided us with mtn cheat on android for up to 1GB per day until it was cut down to just 50mb on most mtn SIM cards. This latest MTN free browsing cheat unlike the previous ones that makes use of http injector, eproxy and the likes, this one makes use of psiphon handler app and this is mtn cheat without config files.

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See Glo N200 for 1.2GB subscription Code

Download eproxy, kpn, Http injector mtn configuration file for free browsing

Psiphon Settings For MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat February, 2019 Using Psiphon Handler App
2. Install the psiphon handler apk cheat app on your android phone. 
3. Open the Psiphon Handler app, below are the psiphon setting to input;
  • Uncheck remove port box
  • Under Proxy type, choose: Dual Real Host
  • Proxy server, input - datareset.mtnonline.com/#Xstring
  • Real proxy type: select HTTP
  • Real proxy port : input 80

 Then click on save and, choose Tunnel Whole Device from the options. (You can also select Force root option if tour phone is rooted)

4. Next, navigate to “ Options ” and select United States or Best Performance as your region
5. Tap  MORE Options 

Psiphone handler, latest mtn free browsing cheat

6. Tick Connect Through HTTP
7. Also Toggle on use the following settings and set it as follows;

  •  Host Address -  
  • Port 8080.
Psiphone handler, latest mtn free browsing cheat , psiphon settings

Thats all tge psiphon settings fot mtn free browsing cheat for Febuary, 2019. Go back and click on the sart button and is youve done everything right, the psiphon handler app 2019, should connect witgin few seconds. Please Note that this mtn cheat may not work on all MTN SIM because it works on 2 out of 3 MTN SIMs I tried. All SIMs are on the same tariff plan, so I don't thing this has to do with tariff plan but rather luck, so true your luck ! 

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat 2019 - Latest Airtel Cheat on Droid VPN

Airtel free browsing cheat 2019, latest airtel cheat, new airtel cheat

Hello guys, this latest Airtel free browsing cheat 2019 is available only to airtel Nigeria subscribers. This new airtel cheat 2019 uses Droid VPN app just like mtn cheat makes use of http injector or eproxy or kpn app to tunnel your device for free browsing.

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How To Setup Airtel Free Browsing Cheat 2019 on Droid VPN App

  • First, download Droid VPN app from link at the end (buttom) of this article
  • Open the airtel cheat app (droid VPN) and register/sign up with your email id, (if you don’t have a Droid VPN account.)
  • Now go and click on the settings icon.
  • Open “Connection Protocol” and select “TCP” option
  • Open “HTTP headers” and enable it and type this following url.

Under Host, input : one.airtel.in
X-Online-Host: one.airtel.in
Host: airtellive.com
X-Online-Host: airtellive.com
Host: get.wynk.in
X-online-host: get.wynk.in
Host: airtelgurus.com
X-Online-Host: airtelgurus.com

Try any of the above host, one or more should work. Of anyone of the above free browsing cheat host is slow, you can try another one.
  • Now click on OK button
  • Restart your Droid VPN application.
  • Select any free server (from server 1 to server 6)
  • Finally, click on Connect button and wait until it get connected.


Download Droid VPN apk here

That's all,  enjoy this latest airtel free browsing cheat 2019. Please note that this works only on android device since the droid VPN is an android app.

Tips to Save Data on your Phone - Number 5 is very important !

How to save data on android

Data is expensive here in Nigeria when compared to other part of the world that is why it is important to know these tips to save data on your phone i.e  manage your data especially when you are on a tight budget. You can also see how to get free data on all networks in Nigeria.

How To Save Data on Your Phone

However, data usage depends on the activity on your smartphone, so the you can consider the following tips in order to curb unwanted data consumption, if you are using an Android device:

1. Turn off the Cellular data connection when not in use.

2. Switch network to 2G mode while the internet is not in use if you intend staying online while your phone is not in use.

3. Tap on Google play store, go to settings and "Enable Update files over WiFi Only" or "do not auto update"
  • Open Google Play.
  • Tap on the dropdown menu at the top left corner icon (three horizontal lines) 
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Auto-update apps.
  • To disable automatic app updates, select Do not auto-update apps.

4. Disable Android background data usage. This can be found under Android data Saving Settings / Usage on your phonend settings.

5. Stop Unnecessary Android apps from running in background.

6. WhatsApp - WhatsApp do not consume huge data, however, you you could automatically download any whatsapp video, pictures or any other media file that you don't need. This is what drains data on WhatsApp, simple goto setting's and disable this feature. To do this;
  • Open your WhatsApp
  • Tap settings from the dropdown menu at the top right corner.
  • Tap on Data and Storage Usage
  • Choose No media under mobile data and WiFi

7. Enable data saving mode on opera browser or Google Chrome browser. Note that this mat affect the physical appearance and behaviour of some website.

8. Download and use data saving apps for android like Samsung Max

These are just some tips to help you save data on your phone. I hope this is useful !

How To Get Serial Keys of Any Premium Software or Application.

serial key of any premium software or application

Basically, this is a Google Search trick to get serial key of any premium software or application on the internet for free. This trick gets you a faster and more defined search result to save you time and effort.

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Requirment To get serial key of any premium software 

Simple, all you need are;
  1. Any Web Browser(e.g Operamini, Chrome, FireFox etc)
  2. Internet connection

Step 1: Open www.google.com from your Web Browser.

Step 2: Now in the Search Bar Simply write “ Product Name 94FBR “. Suppose I want a product Key For IDM then I will Search “ IDM 94FBR

️Step 3: Now Open any link of the websites from the search result and you will get your Product Key.

That's all you need to Get Serial Keys of Any Premium Software or Application. Just browse through the different website that appear.

MTN 1GB for N200, N1000 for 4GB and 2000% Recharge Bonus

Mtn, mtn 200 for 1gb , mtn 1000 for 4gb data plan, mtn 2000% bonus

One of the biggest deal on data currently is the latest mtn N200 for 1GB and mtn N1000 for 4GB. This exciting data offer from mtn Nigeria is available to both new and existing mtn subscribers. This also include a 2000% recharge bonus to call all network in the country.

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Glo Oga SIM 2019 - Get Glo N1000 For 3.5GB And More

See how to get free data on mtn, airtel, glo and 9mobile (etisalat)

About mtn 2000% bonus

This bonus is real, you get whooping 2000% bonus on recharges between 100 Naira and one thousand naira.

Code for mtn N200 for 1GB, N1000 for 4GB Data plan.

Just get your device and SIM ready, no need to migrate to any mtn tariff plan or mtn data plan bundle. Just dail the short mtn USSD code below, then tap on your send button. You should get a reply like the one on this short video below;

How to check you MTN data Bonus Balance

After successful migration, dail *131*4# to see your balance data.

Grab this mtn 200 for 1GB and 4GB for 1000 now before its too late. I've gotten mine, you should get hours if you need it.

Glo Oga SIM 2019 - Get Glo N1000 for 3.5GB and more

Glo, glo data plan 2019, glo Oga SIM

Glo Oga Sim is here with one of the best data plan offers available in Nigeria. Glo Oga SIM gives you a whooping 125% data bonus on all Glo data plans. This means that you can enjoy over 3GB of glo dara for just 1000 Naira.

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Do existing Glo Customers enjoy Glo Oga SIM offer

Yes, but existing glo subscribers get 25% data bonus on all glo data plan while new subscribers get 125% data bonus. If you are an existing glo customer, you can get a new glo SIM to enjoy full 125% bonus.

How to Get Glo Oga SIM offer

Its simple, just fail this code below and purchase any Glo data plan of your choice and the bonus data will be given to you automatically.

Dial *777# to choose plan.

Full Glo Oga SIM Data Bonus Offer Summary

See thr details of bonus offers and eligibility criteria for bot new and existing Glo customers;
Plan Name
Price (N)
Base Plan Volume
Data Volume with Bonus on base plans
Existing Customers (up to 25% bonus)
Oga SIM (125% bonus)
N100 Data Plan
1 Day
N200 Data Plan
5 Days
N500 Data Plan
14 Days
N1,000 Data Plan
30 Days
N2,000 Data Plan
N2,500 Data Plan
N3,000 Data Plan
N4,000 Data Plan
N5,000 Data Plan
N8,000 Data Plan
N10,000 Data Plan
N15,000 Data Plan
N18,000 Data Plan
N20,000 Data Plan
Click here for Glo Oga SIM FAQs.

Glo Oga SIM is currently one of the best data plan on the Glo network, so get the new glo SIM today to start enjoying awoof 125% bonus. Make sure glo network at your location is goof before getting a glo SIM.

Free Browsing Cheat 2019 on MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat, 9mobile

Free internet
Free browsing cheat 2019 is currently available on mtn, airteo and glo. Mtn free browsing cheat involves the use of N-VPN app to get free 1.8GB of data monthly whereas glo cheat, 9mobile (etisalat) cheat and airtel cheat are not as potent as it used to be. There is a way to get free mb or free data on all network.

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You may already know about this free data app, some may think its not working anymore but the truth is that its still working even in this 2019. Its dent app, dent app gives free data on any network of choice.

Mtn, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat 2019 via Dent Free Data App

For those of you who taught dent app is no longer functional, think again. For the newcomers, dent is an android app for 9mobile (etisalat), airtel, glo and mtn free data. All you have to do is;

  • Download the dent app from here
  • Install the app
  • Get your referral code and start sharing to get free dents which you can exchange for data.

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Dent Free Data - Get 175 Dents Per Referral Instead Of 20 

Dent Cheat - Get MTN, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel free Data Using People's Number

Dent Data - MTN,glo,9mobile, Airtel Cheat For Free Data June/ July 2018