June 21, 2018

Unlimited Airtel Free Browsing Cheat July 2018

Today I will be sharing free Airtel data code for July 2018 to get bonus data to browse the internet for free. Last week I dropped Airtel data cheat for free browsing using dent app.

Requirement for Airtel Free Browsing Data Cheat

•Airtel SIM (3g or 4g)
• Good Airtel Network
• Internet enabled device - Android or iPhone, but can be used on Windows or Modem, Mifi after you've gotten the data

How to Get Unlimited Airtel Free Browsing Cheat for July 2018

Below are free data bonus codes to dail on your cell phone, just dail the Airtel code and press send

1. *141*13*200# to get 200MB Airtel free data.
2. *141*13*50# to get 50MB free Airtel data.
3. *141*13*1# to get 1MB free Airtel data.
4 *141*13*100# to get 100MB Airtel free data.

Dail any of the above code to get free Airtel mb, all might not work for you so whichever one works you are good to go!

How to check Airtel Free Data Bonus Balance

To Check Airtel Free Data Bonus Balance, dial any of these two codes
1.  *140# or
2.  *223#

June 20, 2018

How To Migrate To Airtel Family and Friends 2018

Today I will be showing you how to migrate to Airtel Family and Friends tariff plan. Airtel Family and friends is a discounted tariff plan that is available to all Airtel prepaid subscribers. It gives special discount on call rates when you call a registered Family and Friends (FAF) phone number.

How Does Airtel Family and Friends plan Work?

• You are given the liberty to register or remove any 5 family or friends numbers.
Registration is free for the first 5 registered numbers.
• A flat rate of 50 Naira is charged per number after the first 5 numbers have been registered for free.

Airtel Family and Friends Plan Call Rates

The Airtel FAF tarrif  plan rates are:
• Peak Periods (6am – 9:59pm): 25 Kobo per second.
• Off Peak Periods (10pm – 5:59pm): 21 Kobo per second

How To Migrate To Airtel Family and Friends Plan

This is the updated Airtel family and friends code for 2018
To add a number
• Dial this USSD code - *141*2*AIRTEL NUMBER# for example, *141*2*08020000000# 
To delete a number
• Dial *141*3*AIRTEL NUMBER# for example, *141*3*08020000000# 
To check Airtel family and friends list
• Dial *141*5#

You can use the Airtel family and friends migration code to activate the tariff plan to enjoy discount on calls to love ones.

June 19, 2018

Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria - Best Websites and Places To Buy and Sell

Are you into cryptocurrency trading where you buy and sell Bitcoin online or you pay for goods and services using Bitcoin? Getting a reliable website to buy or sell Bitcoin instantly is something most people get scammed. So below are the trusted website to sell or Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria.

Where To Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

1. Luno

Formally Bitx Nigeria,this is on the top of my list especially if you want to buy sell Bitcoin. Luno also serve as a Bitcoin Wall (wallet),  It's very safe for buying and selling of bitcoin, to pay in Naira. On Luno , you sell at the current global Bitcoin price and also an option to buy at a global price or at a lower price through Bitcoin exchangers. When you sell to Luno, you get your cash transferred to your Nigerian bank account within 24 hours in Naira. If you intend selling, you can fund your Luno account either by bank payments or by using you local ATM Debit card.

Please note: Selling directly to Luno on a weekend like Friday to Sunday might delay your payment to you bank account because Luno has to verify your BTC before paying you. They only work on Mondays to Fridays, so if you sell to Luno late on Friday, expect your bank alert on Monday morning. But buying on Luno is 24  hours everyday of the week. So use Luno to buy cheap bitcoin from exchanges.

Link to Luno app

2. Local Bitcoin

Local Bitcoin  is available in different countries around the world and also in Nigeria (localbitcoins Nigeria).  Just like Luno, You can buy, sell or trade Bitcoin on local Bitcoin website. Link localbitcoins

3. Nairaex.com

One of the indigenous Cryptocurrency company in Nigeria. They are like the "Aboki" in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency business. They buy from you at a cheaper rate and sell at a higher rate onlike Luno where you can buy and sell at the global rate. Nairaex Bitcoin prices are a little bit higher than the global rate when you buy from them but when selling to Nairaex, they buy Bitcoin from you at a lower rate. For example
If Bitcoin global rate is 350 Naira to 1 dollar of bitcoin

Nairaex sells to you at N355 and buys from you at N340 or N345, while

Luno Buys from you at N350 and sell to you at N350

Link Nairaex

4. Naira4Dollar

This is another crptocurrency website just like Nairaex. They sell to you at a higher price and buys at a cheaper price.
Those are just the few places to sell and Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria. Have you tried any of these or you want to add to the list, use the comment box

June 18, 2018

Ntel Nigeria Offices, Website and Customer Care Contact Number

NTel data plan, NTel Nigeria, NTel SIM, NTel office, NTel website, NTel Customer Care Number, WaWu SIM,

I shared a post some time ago about NTel data plan and since then I've got lots of messages and emails asking where one could find NTel office near him or her so as to get NTel SIM and also about NTel Unlimited data plan which I have written on. So I decided to get current and most updated list of all NTel offices in Nigeria, NTel website and ntel contact number.

You dontd know about NTel or haven't heard about ntel, read this

List of NTel Offices in Nigeria


Want to buy Ntel SIM in Lagos or know about other NTel Services like the NTel Mifi and ntel data plan, see NTel outlets in Lagos, the economic hub of Nigeria.

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To buy NTel SIM in Abuja or know about other NTel Service like the NTel Mifi and ntel Unlimited data plans, from 500 Naira see NTel outlets in Abuja and the FCT


To buy NTel SIM in Portharcourt or know about other NTel Nigeria Services like the NTel Mifi and ntel Unlimited plans, see NTel outlets in Portharcourt, the Rivers state Capital.

NTel Nigeria Customer Care Number

You can reach ntel customer care on phone by dailing these NTel contact number 400 from an ntel SIM line or 0700 6835 5483 from any other network.

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NTel Nigeria Website

To login to your personal NTel self service (airtime recharge, check balance, log complaint etc) on Ntel website, log on to www.myntel.com.ng while NTel Nigeria website remains www.ntel.com.ng

So weather it's NTel Nigeria offices or NTel Nigeria website or NTel contact number to reach them, you now have the info. NTel currently has the cheapest data plan in Nigeria with their WaWu SIM offer which they say will last for 1 year.

June 17, 2018

Cheapest Glo Data Plan 2018 Updated

Cheapest Glo tariff plan, glo Data plan, glo data bundles, glo 500 Naira plan, glo daily, monthly data plan

Category - Glo data plan code, Glo data code, Glo data subscription code, cheapest Glo tariff 500 Naira plan, Glo monthly, daily plan. The grandmaster of data shocked it subscribers when it put almost 100% data plan price slash on its "cheap data plan" back in January. Some of its loyal customers who could not get the higher data plans opt for the cheapest Glo data plan.
Here you get monthly updates on the latest cheap data plan from Glo 

Current List of Cheapest Glo Data Plan for June 2018

1. Glo Daily, Monthly Data Plan

Below are cheap glo data plans and migration codes. Amongst them is Glo data plan code for 1000 naira

 Cheap Glo Data Plan 

Plan Name
Price (N)
Data Volume
Data Volume with Bonus
SMS to 127
1 Day

1 Day

1 Day

5 Days
14 Days

30 Days

30 Days

2. Glo Campus data plan

This set of data is designed for students to get extra data for study. So if you're a student or you stay close to any university in Nigeria, this is the cheapest Glo data plan or glo for you because these glo tariff plan has bonus data or free mb

Glo Campus Data Booster

PriceDataOff-CampusOn-CampusGlo to Glo BonusFree Data for GiftingValidity
N100100MB100MB225MBN10025MB2 days
N200200MB200MB450MBN20050MB4 days
N10001GB1GB2.25GBN1000250MB15 days
N20002GB2GB4.5GBN2000500MB30 days
N50005GB5GB11.2GBN50001250MB30 days

3. GLO Weekend, Night Plan

 This Category of cheap Glo data  plan consist of Glo TGIF 500 Naira data plan which gives 3GB for just 500 Naira and also Glo Night plan of 200 Naira for 1GB, no glo night plan for 25 naira. Others include glo 100, glo 300 , glo leisure and glo work. See details below

Flexi Plans

Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValiditySMS to 127USSD Code
TGIF – N500_WEEKEND_PLAN5003GB7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm)61*127*61#
N200_NIGHT_PLAN2001GB1 day (12am – 5am)60*127*60#
G 1006,0004GB100 Hrs or 30 days20*127*5#
G 30015,00012GB300 Hrs or 3 Months21*127*4#
G-Leisure5,00012GB8PM to 9AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends30*127*7#
G-Work6,00012GB8 AM to 9 PM31*127*6#

How to check glo tariff plan and Glo data plan

To check glo data plan or tariff , dail *777# and follow the on screen instructions

Analyse and Choose the cheapest Glo data plan that is best for you by dailing or text the Glo data plan code of your choice as given above.