Hurry, Airtel is Giving Out Free Data Now, Dail This Code To Get Yours !

Airtel, airtel free data

Airtel Nigeria has been giving free data to all its customers since yesterday. To get this free data from airtel, you dont need to do anything other than just restart your device. If it doesn't work, try this next one.  ---- See working free browsing trick for mtn, glo and 9mibile subscribers, also see how to browse for free with your mtn line using N-VPN Lite app ---

How To get Airtel Free Data Now

Its easy, the data is already there, to see it just dail the code written here
Also check if you've received this message  below from airtel.

" Dear customer, we sincerely apologize for the downtime, on our internet services earlier today. As a gesture of our appreciation for the inconvenience you have been credited with 200MB bonus data valid for two days. Please restart your device to enjoy seamless browsing on the Smartphone network. Thankyou for choosing Airtel ".

If you got this message above, just restart you phone and start browsing, remember this airtel free data is valid for only 2 days. Enjoy !

New MTN, Glo, 9Mobile Free browsing Cheat is now Working August 2019

Stark VPN settings
Hello guys, free browsing on N-vpn for mtn has been working although just 50mb daily. Today I will be sharing free browsing cheat using latest modes stark VPN app. This works for mtn cheat, glo free browsing and also 9mobile free browsing cheat 2019. For airtel cheat,  Airtel users could also try it to see if it works. This cheat like many others works only on android device because the app for free browsing is an android app. Also see New Mtn 1GB For #200 Subscription Code 2019 as well as New Glo 1GB For #300, 5GB For #500 - Cheapest Glo Data Plan.


Android device
Latest modes stark VPN app apk - download here
Mtn, glo or 9mobile (etisalat) sim and excellent network strength.

How to setup August 2019 MTN, 9Mobile , Glo Free browsing cheat

  • Download and install  stark VPN app from the link provided under requirements.

  • Open the app and tap on tweak, select glo, mtn or 9mobile depending on your network. Also try none
  • Tap on the connect button and wait for the app to connect.

Upon successful connection, minimize the app and start browsing for free. Open any app the requires data and enjoy free browsing. Data cap for this cheat is 100mb and above per SIM so try it out to know how much you would get. Enjoy!

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Stopped Working - Fix Pictures Not Showing

Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram not showing pictures

If you woke up today only to find out that facebook, whatsapp or Instagram is not working properly or having troubles with pictures, my dear, you are not alone. This is what is happening to billions of users worldwide and you can be rest assures Facebook is aware of this situation and working towards stabilizing the issue as soon as possible.

According to a tweet from official facebook handle;
We’re aware that some people are having trouble uploading or sending images, videos and other files on our apps. We’re sorry for the trouble and are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.
— Facebook (@facebook)
July 3, 2019

So let's keep our fingers crossed. Its annoying but be rest assured the issue is not from you !

How To Fix Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram Not Showing Pictures

Well, there is no absolute fix to this until facebook team gets a hold of the situation. But for facebook, you could try using the latest updated version of Facebook mobile app which you can get from google play store instead of using your web browsers.

Hurry! See Code To Get Glo 10.4GB For Just N1000 - New Glo Data Offer 2019

Glo, glo 10.4gb data plan, glo monthly plan

Glo, the grandmasters of data us at it again, this time it's giving subscribers whooping 10.4GB of data for just N1000. Please note that this is not any cheat or trick but its a legit offer from glo Nigeria and its available to all glo customers in the country.

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MTN 1GB for #200 data plan 

Remember I shared how you could get 1GB for just three hundred Naira (#300) and 2GB for #500 Glo data plan, this offer is even more mouth watering! I also shared how you could use just #500 to get ;
2GB data + #2500 airtime to call glo and other network (#1000 to call other network and #1500 on-net call)
With #1000, you get ;

If you've already read it, you can continue on this on this page, otherwise, read that article first so you could migrate to glo new yakata plan before subscribing to any glo pan. 

How to Get Glo 10.4GB for N1000

  • First make sure you've read the post on glo #1000 for 3.6GB
  • Buy #1000 glo card or recharge through your bank and subscribe to glo monthly data plan (3.6gb) by dailing *777#

  • To get the 10.4GB offer,  make sure you renew this plan on or before the day it expires by dailing *127*53#

When you renew t his plan, you will automatically get this 10.4GB instead of just 3.6GB. Enjoy !

New MTN N1200 for 2GB Monthly Data Plan, Subscription Code

Mtn, mtn Nigeria

MTN Nigeria revised their data plan just few days ago adding more value to the existing amount being paid for data. This new MTN data bundle now gives mtn subscribers 2GB of data for N1,200, same amount that had the value of 1.5GB, that's 500mb more data for the same price and its valid for a 30-day period. Other new MTN data plan include the latest mtn 1GB for just #200, you should check this out now. See also, glo 1gb for N300 and 2GB for N500 data plan

Updated MTN Monthly Data Plan Subscription Code

Thus data is available to both new and existing mtn subscribers, to purchase this mtn 1200 data bundle, dail the code below;



This data plan is valid for 30days

New Mtn 1GB for #200 Subscription Code 2019

Mtn 1gb for 200, mtn subscription code

MTN has come out with new data offer that gives its subscribers 1GB of data for just three hundred Naira (#200). This mtn data 2019 offer is similar to glo 1GB for #300 and 2GB for #500, this is clear competition between the telecom giants, which is good for subscribers.

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See how to get glo 2GB plus #2500 airtime to call all network with just #500 only.. See it here

2019 MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile (etisalat), Glo Free Browsing Updates For June... See it here

MTN 1GB for #200 Subscription Code 2019

Wondering how to subscribe to this mtn 1GB data bundle, its very easy. Just dail the code below to get starred with;

Dail *406#


Just as Glo 1GB data plan, this mtn plan is valid for just 1 day (24hours)

If you've got need for daily data to do some stuff, these data plans could be a pocket saver. So go for it !

Opera News Shake And Win 2019 is Back With Free Airtime and Prizes for Everyone

Opera news app

Opera News shake and win promo where everyone wins prizes, is back again for the duration of the 2019 African cup of Nations. Remember last year world cup where people won various cash prizes as well as other prizes. Read Other related articles like  New Glo 1GB For #300, 5GB For #500 - Cheapest Glo Data Plan, also see How To Browse For Free With Your MTN Line Using N-VPN Lite App

According to Opera News "Last year, during the football World Cup, we gave away 54 million prizes and rewarded more than one million people across Africa through Shake and Win. This year we want to bring this experience back to you and make you a lucky winner again"

How To Win Prizes with  Opera Shake and Win Promo 2019

  • All you need is an android device and little internet data to download and use the opera news shake and win app.
  • To start playing Shake and Win, tap on the banner inside the Opera News home feed or go to the Me page and click the Shake and Win banner there.

Don’t have Opera News yet? Simply click here to download the app for free now.

Hurry, Jumia is Giving Out Free #2500 For Its Anniversary Sales Promo 2019 - Get Yours Now

Jumia nigeria

Jumia, Nigeria's biggest online market place is giving out freebies up to two thousand five hundred naira per person. This is in celebration of jumia anniversary sales promo 2019 which starts midnight, June 24th 2019. If you have anything to buy online, you can add that free money in additional to free delivery on some eligible product on jumia express. If you are interested, you can earn money by referring people to download the jumia one app, see details here. Interested in browsing free with your mtn Sim, download this app now

How To Get Jumia Free Money

This is available to both new and existing jumia Nigeria customers.

  • If you don't have a jumia account, open one by going to the jumia website or download latest jumia app here
  • Login into your jumia account in the app and at the top, slide through the adverts to find jumia Awoof banner.

Jumia anniversary sales promo 2019

  • Cluck on this banner and you will see full details on the awoof promo (#500, #1000, and #2500) up for grabs.
  • Pay #500 and get extra #500
  • #1000 voucher gives you extra #1000 to spend on jumia items
  • #2500 voucher gives you extra #2500 (#5000 total) to spend on anniversary sales promo which starts this Monday , June 24th 2019.

Please note that all voucher you purchase can only be used to buy items on jumia only on anniversary sales promo which runs from midnight of June the 24th through to July 8th 2019.

Process to pay for the voucher you want and a confirmation email and text message will be sent to your registered phone number for confirmation.

See New Glo 1GB For #300, 5GB for #500 - Cheapest Glo Data Plan


Glo, the grandmasters of data has come out with its new data plan that is tailored for huge data consumers. Have you ever wanted to make use of huge data just for a day but end up subscribing to Glo,mtn, airtel  or 9mobile monthly data plan just to get huge data at huge price. Well huge data doesn't have to be expensive, that's why glo has come out with this. Just a quick reminder that you can get glo #2500 worth of data plus 1.8GB for just 500 Naira, also See How To Browse For Free With Your MTN Line Using N-VPN Lite App here

With just three hundred Nigerian Naira only (#300), you get 1GB data and with Five hundred Naira (#500), you get 2GB of data. Now you can download that movie, game, update softwares and many more without spending much.
This offer is for both New and existing glo customers in Nigeria.

Glo Data Subscription Code To Get 1GB, 2GB for #300 and #500 Respectively

To subscribers to this plan, dail *777#
  • Select 1 - Buy data
  • Select 1 - 3g/4g plan

  • Select 5 - Special Data offer
  • Select 1 - Daily offer
  • Select 1 or 2 according to your preference.

This new glo data will be valid for 24 hours (glo daily data plan 2019), so you only use this data plan when you have something to use it for within the 24hours validity period.

New MTN Free Data Code is Out After 120GB Code Was Blocked - See The New Code Now Before it Gets Blocked

Mtn, mtn free data code
Yesterday, it was all over the internet and also on the Nairabit website, the 120gb mtn free data code. Unfortunately, MTN stopped it after it was reported multiple times and they fixed their glitches. Today, a new code is out to get free data and I'm going to show you.

New MTN Free Data Code June 2019

  • Apparently, you need an mtn SIM, doesn't work on any other network because.
  • You don't need to have money or data on the SIM

  • Dial the code written on this text file here
  • After dailing the mtn free data code you see on the text file, you will get a message that reads "Dear customer, you can now enjoy data..... " .

How to check your MTN Free Data

To see your mtn cheat free data, just dail *559# .

You can accumulate the data

To get more data, dail the same code on the text file multiple times to get more data
The given data van only be used on social apps like Facebook and whatsapp, if there's a way to use the data to power all tour applications, it will be presented here on nairabit website , whatsapp and telegram groups. Enjoy !