Hot! Airtel Nigeria 6GB for N1500 Subscription Code


Airtel Nigeria has been on the roll for some  couple of weeks now on good data offer. There's the Airtel N500 for 2GB data plan as well as new data bundle that gives 9GB for N2000 valid for one month. Also read Airtel 2G Unlimited Data Plan 2019 - #200 And #500

About Airtel 6GB for N1500

This data plan cost N1500 and its a weekly data plan from Airtel . Its suitable for heavy data users who want cheaper data bundle. This means you get up to 24GB for 6k, that's if you can afford this.

Airtel N1500 for 6GB Weekly Subscription Code

To activate this bundle, dail this subscription code *141*1504#

Breaking !!! You will Now Be Charged For Using USSD For Bank Services


USSD is one of the fastest means of accessing banking services not only in Nigeria but the whole world because of its convenience and do not need internet connectivity nor a smartphone, it could be done using even the so called "kpalasa phones". However, MTN has sent series of messages to its subscribers informing us that it will start charging an amount for the services.

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The message from MTN reads; " Yello, as requested by your bank, from Oct 21, we will start charging you directly for USSD access to banking services. Please contact your bank for more info".

Although, for some this is not new as they've been used to being charged by MTN and other network for using the service, while for many others, this is new to them.

New MTN USSD Charges

As for the amount that will be charged, MTN wrote " Yello, Please note that from Oct 21, we will charge N4 per 20 seconds for USSD access to banking services. Thank you".

What this implies is that there is no flat rate but instead will be charged per 20 seconds. For every 20 seconds you spend checking your account balance or getting a mini statement or making any transaction, you will be charged N4. This may be another plot to force customers to make used of the less convenient mobile bank app which requires mobile data and smartphone. 

Airtel 1GB for N350, 2GB for N500, N1500 for 6GB Data Code

Airtel Nigeria, airtel binge, airtel 350 for 1gb, airtel 500 for 2gb code, airtel 1500 data plan

Airtel now has cheap data plans to suit whatever purpose. Just like the new Airtel Nigeria unbeatable data deal which gives 2GB for N500, 4GB for N1200, N1500 for 7GB and more, you can read about it here. Today, I will be giving the code for airtel data plan for N300, N500 and N1500 which gives 1GB, 2GB and 9GB respectively. For Glo, check out this data plan that gives 2GB for N500 and also 4GB for N1000 and valid for 30days.

Airtel N350 for 1GB, N500 for 2GB , N1500 for 9GB Data Code to Subscribe


This is branded as Airtel binge data plans and its not SIM selective. Its open to all new and existing airtel Nigeria subscribers. The plans are as follows;

  • Airtel binge N350 for 1GB of data - To activate this bundle, Dail  *141*354# 
  • Binge N500 for 2GB - Dail *141*504#
  • Airtel N1500 for 6GB - Dail *141*1504#

Airtel Binge Data Validity

This Airtel Binge data bundle are all valid for 24hours except binge N1500 which is valid for 7 days (1 week).

  • Binge 500 - Valid for 1day (24hours)
  • Binge 350 - Valid for 1day (24hours)
  • Binge N1500 - Valid for 7days (1week).

According to airtel, "These are data plans specially designed to satisfy your Heavy Data Needs".


"If you want to download a movie, binge watch a series or stream an online class, the Airtel Binge plans are just for you." Enjoy. Have you recently subscribed to this data bundle, please let us as well as others know about your experience by dropping a comment on the comment section below.

New Airtel N500 for 2GB, N1,200 for 4GB, N1500 for 7GB Monthly Subscription Code

Airtel Nigeria

Good news for airtel Nigeria data subscribers. Airtel amazing offer is up and running in their "New unbeatable data deal" which gives whooping 9GB for just N2000.  Other offers include airtel N500 for 1.5GB amongst others. For Glo subscribers, you can get 2GB for just N500 plus N2500 bonus airtime, see glo data deal here . Want to get free N1000 up to N20,000, reads this article here.

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Full List of Airtel Unbeatable Data Deal Plus Subscription Code

Data Deal

Enjoy the New Unbeatable Data Deal from Airtel!!! Get;

9GB for N2000 Monthly
6GB for N1500 Monthly
4GB for N1200 Monthly
3GB for N1000 valid for 30 days
2GB for N500 valid for 1 day
1.5GB for N500 Valid for 14 days

Subscription Code

To enjoy this amazing offer, just dial this Airtel data subscription code written here

How To Know if You are eligible For Airtel Unbeatable data deal

Before recharging your airtel line, first dail the subscription code here and follow the on-screen information to activate the airtel data deal of your choice. If you are eligible for it, you will get a message telling you that you've got insufficient fund in your account. All you need do now is recharge and subscribe.
On the other hand, if you are not eligible for this Airtel data plan, you will get a message telling you of ur ineligibility. Enjoy !

Code to Check MTN, Airtel Phone Number Fast and Easy

Phone number, know your phone number

Just got a new MTN or Airtel SIM and  you don't know the phone number or perhaps that's not your main line and you didn't bother to know the numbers off heart. All you need do is follow these simple step to know you phone numbers.

Code To Dail To Know Your MTN Number or Airtel Phone Number

  • Its simple, to know your mtn number, just dail this USSD code on the device that has that MTN SIM. 

                          *123*1*1# - MTN
  • For Airtel SIM, to know the phone number, dail the code below;

Dial *121*3*4# to check your airtel number

Fast ! Dail This MTN Free Data Code Now To Get Free 3.5GB Before it Gets Blocked

Mtn, mtn Nigeria

Free data on all networks come and go, just last month it was free 22GB on MTN although it lasted for few hours. A new code just piped out this evening. No VPN required, just dail the code and if you are lucky, you will be given up to 3GB data for free. Make sure you dont have airtime on you MTN line before dailing this code.

Go to the mtn free data code page here to get the latest code currently working !

Can the mtn free data be accumulated?

Yes, just keep dailing the same code over again until you get as many data you could accumulate. Enoy!

See proof 
Mtn free data code
©EB chukwu


New Method To Get MTN 4GB for Just N1000 or 1GB For N200

Mtn sim, mtn data plan, mtn N500 data code, MTN 4gb for N1000

MTN Nigeria has one of the largest subscriber base in Nigeria, however, its data bundle like Airtel and 9mobile most expensive) is not as affordable to some. They end up activating monthly data subscription up to two or 3 times a month hence the search for free browsing cheat/tweak or cheap data plans. Airtel subscribers can see this cheap airtel data plan that gives 3GB for N500, Glo subscribers should checkout glo 2GB data for just N500.

How To Get MTN 4GB For N1000 /1GB For N200

MTN give welcome back bonuses to subscribers who haven't used their sim for up to 60 days. All you need do is get multiple mtn sim.
  1. Register and activate the SIM(s)
  2. Leave the mtn sim for 30-60days. Do not receive, receive or make calls, browse on them. Remove the SIM from your phone if need be.

  3. After 30-60 days, dail this code *131 *65# and follow the on-screen instructions...

If you receive a message that "this offer is not available for you, know that you need to leave your SIM more days or weeks. If you get an insufficient account balance meaage after dailing the code, you can process to recharge your SIM.

This way, you will be able to subscribe for MTN 1GB for 200 Naira or 4GB for 1000 Naira

Airtel 2G Unlimited Data Plan 2019 - #200 and #500

Airtel 2G data plan has been around for over two years. It works only on 2G Network and if you are interested in getting it, its among the list of Airtel cheap data plan available. It cost just 200 Naira or 500. Naira. If you are a glo subscriber, see how you can get 2GB of data plus 3000 Naira worth of airtime for just 500 Naira,

Is Airtel 2G Plan Really Unlimited

Well, it used to be unlimited, but in today's telecoms industry in Nigeria, they have a funny way of describing the word "Unlimited".

This 2G plan is not unlimited but capped at about 2GB and 5GB  respectively for both plans.

How To subscribe to airtel Nigeria 2G data plan


Just get an airtel SIM and Dial *482# and choose your preferred plan. To opt out of the plan, dial the same code and choose  3 (from the on-screen information). Please note that as long as the 2G plan is active, you won't be able to browse on either 3G or 4G network.

See How To Send Free SMS (Text Messages), For MTN Subscribers

MTN Nigeria, MTN SMS, Send free sms

Note so long ago, SMS is charged at a flat rate of Four Naira (#4) across all networks in Nigeria. Today you will learn how to send SMS/Text messages for free from an MTN line. This comes with its pro's  and Con's but it may be worth it if you already have it but not using it. On previous posts, see how to get 1.8GB free every month by using this free app for mtn here, also see how to watch free EPL, Laliga, Serie A , UEFA champions league, entertainment, movies and more for free Using your DSTV decoder. Latest N-VPN lite for mtn free browsing is also available here.

How a to send Free SMS/Text Message

  • From an MTN line, migrate to MTN Biz Class by dialing *460# and then select Tariff Migration

  • On the on-screen instruction, you'll be shown MTN Biz plus and MTN Biz class, so choose option 2 to select MTN Biz.
  • Confirm yout migration to complete the process. You should get a confirmation SMS to welcome you to the tariff plan.
  • Its as Simple as that, DMS for MTN Biz class is free, so you can now send SMS for free to any MTN number at no extra cost.

Please note these important details

  1. MTN Biz plan comes with data plans that are more costly compare to other tariff plan like mtn pulse and the likes.
  2. Remember you can only migrate from MTN Biz plan for free after 30 days else you will be charge 100 Naira to migrate to another tariff.
  3. There is a maximum amount of free SMS you get.

Hurry, Get Airtel 4.5GB For Just 200 Naira, Dail This Code Before it Ends

Airtel Nigeria, Airtel data code, airtel cheat, airtel free browsing cheat

This Airtel Nigeria extra free data trick has worked before and stopped, fortunately, it started working. There are both good news and bad news, the good news is, with this tweak, you (airtel subscribers) could get up to 4.6GB data with as little as 100 Naira.  The bad news is, this doesnt doesn't work for all airtel SIM, it only works on unused airtel SIM (not used for over a month).  Also see how to watch free channels using your DSTV decoder or any  free to air receiver , if you love free browsing, checkout this MTN free browsing cheat and save money/data.

Update: This truck now work on most New Airtel SIMs that are less than 3months after activation. So if you have an airtel SIM you started using just less than 3 Months ago, you can give this trick a try... Good luck!

What is needed

  • Airtel 3G/4G SIM
  • Airtel Recharge card (at least #200)

How to activate Airtel 4.6GB For Just 200 Naira

This works on both Airtel 3G and 4G LTE SIM
  • Its easy, all you need do is dail *126*recharge-pin#  to recharge with N200

  • Next dail this airtel code on data codes page here
  • After dail the code, you should see the 4.6GB on your data balance. You can check this by dailing *140#

How To Get More Airtel Data For Less

Just repeat the steps above , the more N200 you use, the higher the data you get (accumulate). So the ball is in your court. Let us know how many GB you were able to accumulate.