Mtn 5GB for 50 Naira, 10GB for N100 Free Browsing Cheat - See how to get it

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The latest MTN cheat  for November 2018 gives you MTN 5GB for 50 Naira and it can be used to browse, download and power all applications on your device.  This MTN WeChat free browsing cheat as it is called makes used of  a WeChat MTN Goodybag data Subscription to get free extra 5GB MTN free data  a when you purchase the MTN bundle plan with just #50.

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How to Get MTN 5GB for 50 Naira, 10GB for 100 Naira - MTN WeChat Cheat

Follow the instructions below to get MTN WeChat cheat free data;

  • Dail this code *123#
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and choose 3 to buy data
  • Choose 3 again for Goodybag 
  • Choose 6 for MTN WeChat
  • Choose 2 for MTN WeChat weekly  then 1 to Subscribe to MTN WeChat weekly data plan
  • You will receive another on-screen instructions, just tap on 1 to select "ONE-OFF PLAN"
  • Thats all. You will automatically be given free 5GB .

How to check Your MTN Free Data

To check the data given to you, just dail *131*4# and if you are eligible, you will see your 5GB data smiling at you.

What is the data Validity for this MTN Free Data

It has a validity of just one week (i.e 7days )

Does the MTN WeChat data work on all apps?

Yes , this MTN free data can be accumulated by following the same steps above to purchase the MTN Goodybag WeChat data plan again and again until you are satisfied. Spend 100 Naira to get 10GB, #150 to get 15GB and so on...

Can this MTN free Data be accumulated?

No, the WeChat 50mb data does not work on other apps apart from WeChat, but the free 5gb or 10gb (when accumulated), works on all apps to browse and download.

Note that this is a cheat and may not be given to everyone, so just try and see if you get it. This MTN 5GB for 50 Naira has a validity of just 7days and it can be accumulated to get MTN 10GB for 100 Naira, 15GB for 150 Naira. Enjoy !


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