Latest Free Browsing Etisalat Cheat 2018 for September

Latest 9mobile unlimited free browsing cheat is back this May/June but not with the popular Psiphon or Anonytun Virtual Private Network (VPN) app but with another free browsing VPN on Google play store called What's VPN or Inf VPN (both work). If you've got some movies and TV series to download, then this cheat is for you. This cheat may not work for downloads on other websites apart from tvseries websites and movie Websites like mp4mania

Straight to the business, so how does this 9mobile free browsing cheat work, any settings or configuration? Find out below!

Update on this 9mobile (Etisalat) free browsing cheat July 2018
Please note that this etisalaE free browsing cheat can only be used for downloading and not for browsing. Get your download link and paste it in your ADM to start download. So you need data to start get to your download link. !!! This has been tested to work on movie sites like o2tvseries, tvshows4mobile, and mp4mania.xyz...other TV series website works as well.

Update: Etisalat (9mobile) Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat July 2018

Latest 9mobile Data Cheat for Free Browsing 2018

9mobile free browsing cheat July 2018 

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About this 9Mobile (Etisalat) cheat

✓ it's Unlimited
✓ it's slow in download
✓ requires strong 9mobile Network strength
✓ can only be used on UCmini Browser and ADM.

How to Setup Etisalat (9mobile) Unlimited Free Browsing cheat on your android phone

Step 1 : Head straight to Google playstore and download 3 or 4 applications mention below

1. What's VPN - Virtual Private Network, here or

2. Inf VPN ( not compulsory if u already have what's VPN)

3. ADM (Android Download Manager or Advance Download Manager +) Download  here

4. UCmini browser - Download  here

Step 2: Open any of the virtual private network app  you have downloaded and tap on the "Start or Connect " button.

Step 3: Lunch the  UCmini browser to brows (if it doesn't work, use data to get your download link expecially from sites like o2tvseries.com, tvshows4mobile.com and mp4mania.xyz) once the VPN is connected.

For faster download speed, copy the download link of the file  you want to download and pate it on the ADM (click on the plus(+) icon, then paste the copied url section then click on start your download will start immediately).

Read this post below to see how you can get your download links without Browsing

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That's all !

Enjoy this latest 9mobile (Etisalat) unlimited free browsing on your android device. 


    1. What about Samsung's "Max" that was inherited from Opera?

    2. It does not work on my Techno l8

    3. @oasis, how is etisalat network strength at your location? Cus you need strong network to power this 9mobile free browsing cheat

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