How To Transfer Airtime, 2016, on MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT

how to transfer airtime on mtn, glo, airtel, etisalat

Airtime transfer is another option of transfer that involvesvtopping up a prepaid account from another. There are four major networks in Nigeria today namely MTN, GloAirtel, Etisalat,and they all have their own methods of airtime transfer. MTN calls it's airtime transfer service, Share 'n' Sell, Glo and Airtel, call it Me2U and Etisalat, Easy Airtime Transfer. Other recharge options include recharge cards, online or e- topup, ATM transfer, VTU.It is convenient, as you do not have to go and look for where to buy recharge card immediately . It is also flexible, as you are not constrained by the fixed denominations of recharge cards meaning you can transfer any specific amount you want such as N52, N71, N105 and so forth. It is safe and secure, as the transfer transaction is protected by PIN or password.


MTN Share and Sell, is an airtime transfer service provided by MTN Nigeria. It allows prepaid customers to send credit from one prepaid MTN account to another MTN prepaid account via SMS or USSD code.

How to transfer Airtime Using MTN Share and Sell

A minimum of N50 and a maximum of N5,000 per transaction is allowed by mtn. You can transfer a cumulative amount of N10,000 per day. MTN Nigeria Share and Sell is password protected by a default password, 0000. For security purposes, you must change the default password before you will be allowed to use the service. To change the default password, write an SMS in this format:

Default PIN[space]New PIN[space]New PIN

and send to 777.

For instance, if you want to change your default PIN to 9898, compose an sms like this,

              0000 9888 9898

and send it to 777.

Alternatively You can use USSD code to also change your PIN:

*601*default PIN*New PIN*New PIN#

Send/Call button,

for example, still using 9898, dail


Send/Ok .

After the default PIN has been changed to a new PIN, you will receive a successful message.

How to transfer Airtime on MTN Network

Compose an SMS in this format and send to 777;

Transfer [space] MTN Number [space] Amount [space] Password 

For example, to transfer N50 to subscriber 0803 6666 4433 and your password is 9898,

Transfer 080366664433 50 9898

and send to 777.

Within seconds, you should receive a message to confirm the transfer.
Send the word, Yes to 777 to confirm the transfer.

USSD code Method

To transfer credit using USSD is faster but you must be careful no to input a wrong number because you wont get a confirmation message. Dial

*600*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#,

for example,


Then send


The default PIN for Airtel Me2U is1234. I advice your PIN/Password to avod transfer of airtime from your account by another user . To change your Me2U password, compose an SMS in this format

PIN[space]1234[space]New Password

Send to 432.

For example, using 5555 as your new pin,
              PIN 1234 5555

How to Transfer Airtime Using Airtel Me2U

Send an SMS in this  format:

2u[space]Airtel Number[space]Amount[space]PIN

Send to 432.

For example, to send N100 to 0802 666 7777, SMS

2u 08026667777 100 5555

Send to 432.

Airtel Me2U charges the cost of an off- peak SMS rate (N10 at the time of publication of this post) for each successful transfer.


To activate Glo Me2U, simply dial

*132*00000*New Pin *New PIN#

Note there are five zeros , your new pin should be 5 digits.

For example , using 91119 as your new PIN, dial


You will recieve a notification asking you to confirm the PIN. To accept, press1, or press2 to cancel.

How to Transfer Airtime Using Glo Me2U
To transfer airtime, dail

*131*Glo Number*Airtime Amount*Password#


For example, to send N100 to 08052223333,

*131*08052223333 *100*9119#



For Etisalat Easy Airtime Transfer Service, the default pin is 0000. To change it, dial;

*247*0000*New Password#

Then Send.

For example, to change your PIN to 9119;


Then Send .

How to transfer Airtime on Etisalat Network

Just dail,

*223*Password*Amount*Phone Number#

For example, To transfer N100 to 0809 444 5555, dail

*223*9119*100*0809 444 5555#

Then Send.

Note that you must have at least 10 Naira balance remaining after subtracting the amount you wish to transfer for the credit transfer to work.

Note: if you have change the default pin before and you want to change your pin again, you should put your old pin in place of 0000. For example, if you have already changed your MTN Share and Sell pin from the default 0000 to 1234 and you want to change it again to 5678, your SMS should be in this format

1234 5678 5678

and send it to 777, and NOT

0000 5678 5677

This also applies to other networks. Airtime transfer services provided by all the networks can also be accessible via their Service Menu on your phonr. Remember to keep you PIN, secret. If you find this post useful then click on any of the SHARE/LIKE buttons below for the benefit of other people. Never miss any of my latest update from nairabit, download Nairabit android app now.


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