MTN Family Double Data Offer; Get 100% Bonus on All Data Purchases For 6 Months

The latest data offer from MTN Nigeria is MTN Family which offers prepaid subscribers 100% bonus on any data purchased for the next six months. That's twice the amount of data for the price of one; for instance, 3.5GB which goes for N2000 will be 7GB for the same N2000, valid for one month, but the offer lasts for the next six months meaning if you decide to buy another data the next month, you will be given twice the data purchased for the price of one.

The only Cons to this offer is that it is only available to Tecno Phantom 5 users, but their is a way you can also get it even if you don't have a Tecno Phantom 5. This involves IMEI tweaking.

How To Be Eligible For MTN 100% Data Bonus Offer

You can be eligible for this MTN Family offer if you are not a Phantom 5 user only by tweaking this Phantom 5 IMEI into your android device.


How To Tweak IMEI

• First, you will have to generate your own IMEI by using the above Phantom 5 IMEI, remove the last three or four digits, then add any random three or four digits, depending on how many digits you removed.

• Analyze your IMEI by using any of the two methods, before using Mobile Uncle or mtk engineering to tweak your android's IMEI ;

First method involves using IMEI Analyser app

Read Android IMEI tweaking using IMEI analyser

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Second Method
Involves online validation without any app.

• Go to this website: http://imei-number.com/imei-validation-check/

• Input the 12 digits IMEI number you have generated after removing and adding the last 3 digits in the box provided e.g

Using 352262070765189

Remove the last three numbers and it becomes 352262070765 (12 digits)

Add any random digit, e.g 759 and it becomes 15 digits again       

• Click on "validate IMEI", if the random digit you choose is correct, it will display IMEI number is valid. But if the random digit is incorrect it will display, IMEI number not valid! And the valid IMEI will be displayed below it.

• After successful IMEI validation,

Read the above posts on how to tweak the validated IMEI on your phone

After successful IMEI tweaking wait a another 10 minutes for a welcome message from MTN as shown in the screenshot below

What To Do If You Didnt Receive the Message

If you didn't receive the message after waiting for some time, you need to tweak the IMEI again using another random three digits numbers.

How To Subscribe To MTN Family Double Data Offer

After successful tweaking, and must have received the message, migrate to MTN beta talk by sending BT to 131 or by dailing  *123*2*6#

• To check Data balance,   
       send 2 to131or dial *559*2#

You can check all MTN available dataplans and bundles by dialing *131# and enjoy 100% bonus.

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