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Hello Nairabit readers, this is the first official  Nairabit app to keep you connected to Nairabit both online and offline. Nairabit Techblog is dedicated to bringing you up to date information on free and affordable browsing solutions, PC tips, updates on latest confirmed working cheats, blogging tips for bloggers, Android, IOS, windows and browsing tips, gadget/smartphone reviews/prices, and other related tech issues.

Why should i download Nairabit App

  •  Nairabit android app is simply built to give you great user experience
  •  You get instant posts on your device, with Notification. This way you don't miss out on any important posts such as latest cheats and other useful posts.
  • With this app, u can get access to nairabit posts while you are offline, even when you dont have data
  • You can choose to access the full website by using the "view website" option on every post. 
  •  U can also make comments on every posts directly with the app by using the "View website" option and scrolling down to comment box.
  • You can make your downloads directly on the app.   

Features Of Nairabit App 

Built with simple navigation
Read post even when offline, so you always stay with us on th go
Watch video tutorials 

Notification on updates with notification tone of your choice
To choose your preferred notification, go to settings>Notification

Nairabit Techblog notification

Add Comments
You can add comments by clicking on "view website", then scroll down to the comment box.

Nairabit Techblog 2

Share Contents
You can share any post by tapping on the share button (green circle at the buttom left). Share to whatsapp, facebook, twitter, email, pinterest and others.  

Nairabit Techblog Share content

Free Browsing on over 30 sites (Airtel subscribers only)
One tap on "Airtel Free Basic" on the app menu gives you access to over 30 free sites including facebook, Naij.com, BBC news, jiji.ng, Olx, Nairaland forum, Espn, Pass.ng, and so much more exciting sites. All for free whether you have data or not. 

Nairabit Techblog app airtel free basics

Star your favourite posts for easy reference 
If you like any post that you may revisit often, you can add it to your favorites by clicking on the Star symbol at the top right when reading any post.

Nairabit Techblog app starred

Starred post will be added together in a quick folder, so you don't have to look for posts in the main post folder that contains lots of posts. 

Choose different themes that suit you
 There are basically two themes to choose from, Nairabit Green and Nairabit Dark.
Nairabit Techblog app themes
(L)Nairabit green                                         (R)Nairabit Dark

Customise differents settings to suit your taste

Customise notification, display, message store, notification and synchcronization
The lesser the sync interval time, the faster  you recieve notification
To send us a feedback mail, use the "feedback" option
For help or assistance, use the "Help" option  

Nairabit Techblog app settings

Choose from different layouts
Click on the menu button at the upper left
Nairabit Techblog app layout
Nairabit Techblog app layout 2
(L) Card List                                           (R) Grid

One tap fast Download of apps 
One tap to contact Nairabit by clicking on the contact us button.
Has a fast inbuilt downloader

Nairabit Techblog app download

One tap to connect with us on facebook and Twitter
This feature is free for airtel users, you don't need to have data to access this option.  
Click on log in
Log in into your facebook account, like our page and connect with us 
Nairabit Techblog app facebook

Easily Search All Posts Using Your Keyword

Nairabit Techblog app search posts

Download Link

Nairabit Techblog.apk V1.0   July 17th 2016  from datafile host
Nairabit Techblog.apk V1.0   July 17th 2016  from google drive

This app is developed by Nairabit, if you want an app for your website, blog or company, do contact us.
 Use the comment box for reviews to help us improve on subsequent updates. Nairabit app for windows and IOS devices will be released later. Stay connected!


    are you confused? do you have any question or contributions? Please use the comment box below and we will get back to you asap