Spark VPN and Updated Config For mtn mpulse, mtn 0.0K Cheat October/November 2018

Spark VPN apk, spark VPN config file, MTN mpulse cheat, MTN 0.0k , free browsing cheat October / November 2018

Hello guys, it's been a while now since I posted new article on nairabit about MTN free browsing, because it's still Blazing on http Injector and eproxy VPN/SSH tunnelling apps. Today I will be adding Spark VPN  apk app and Spark VPN config file (.svc) for latest MTN free browsing cheat for October and November 2018 on both MTN mpulse cheat and MTN 0.0k cheat.

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What is needed for spark VPN mPulse and MTN 0.0k cheat?

  1. You need an android phone
  2. MTN SIM
  3. Strong MTN Network
  4. Spark VPN APK 
  5. Updated Spark VPN config file.

Spark VPN and Spark VPN config file settings for Cheat October/November 2018

To configure spark VPN for free browsing cheat, follow the below steps;
  • Download updated spark VPN app from here
  • Download Updated spark VPN config file from here
  • Install the spark VPN apk and open the app
  • Tap on "tweak" at the top right corner of the app and navigate to the folder you downloaded the .svc config file, then tap on it to import.
  • Finally,  tap on the config file of spark VPN and import it.
  • Tap on the start button at the bottom of the app, wait for a few seconds for the app to connect and voila !

Enjoy free internet on Spark VPN, if it stops or slow down, you can always get new config files for MTN cheat on mpulse and MTN o.ok

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    1. What Do I Do If The Config File on Spark Vpn Only Shows Stars When I Import It and Don't Connect??


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