How to Bypass Tweakware Daily Limit of 200Mb or 150Mb for Free Users

Tweakware VPN is a tunelling software used to gain access to website, content or services that are restricted by your Internet Service provider. Tweakware VPN is also a very powerfull tool for encrypting or changing your location on the internet for anyone who doesn't want his or her activity being tracked. This is done by just selecting any country's IP and connect, similar to other VPN like Psiphon, Netloop, Syphon Shield, Netify and others, but what makes Tweakware  VPN standout is its simplicity. You do not need to do much configuration as they have already been made availably, all you have to do is select from the already configured Bundle you are interested in.

Bundles Supported by Tweakware VPN in Nigeria

  • Etisalat BB10
  • Etisalat Chat Pack
  • Etisalat SocialMe
  • MTN 2GO MB

tweakware VPN bundles
  • MTN Music Plus
  • MTN Blast
  • MTN 0.0 Naira
  • Swift 4GLTE
  • Smile 
  • Spectranet

As time went on, the developer of Tweakware VPN added some Premium servers which could only be accessed after paying some amount of money (500 Naira per month). These premium servers are faster and has less traffic compared to the free servers. The free servers has a daily limit of 200Mb or 150Mb after which you will be disconnected for the next 24 hours, the good news is that the limit can be bypassed  and i will show you how to do it.

Tweakware VPN Servers Available 

  •  USA
  • UK
  • Germany

tweakware VPN servers
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands 
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Other free servers

How to Bypass Tweakware daily Limit 

To bypass tweakware VPN daily limit, follow the simple steps below. Make sure you dont miss any step

Step 1: Although you can make use of tweakware VPN whether your phone is rooted or not but your phone need to be rooted in other to bypass the daily limit. This is because the app used to bypass the daily limit needs root access for it to work.

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If your device is already rooted, just skip step 1.

Step 2: Download Device ID Changer from Google Play Store here

 Step 3: Install and open Device ID Changer, it will ask for root access if your phone has been successfully rooted, just click on  allow to grant it root access.

device ID changer

Step 4: After you have used up your daily usage, just quit your tweakware app and head over to ID changer app.

Step 5: Write down your Original device ID just in case you need to revert to your device's original ID later

Step 6: Click on random ID to generate

Step 7: Once the random id is generated, itwill be automatically applied

Step 8: After it has been applied, go back to Tweakware VPN and reconnet

The tweakware will connect and give you another 200mb, once you exhuast it, just repeat all the steps above.

Download Tweakware VPN

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