Airtel 1GB for N350, 2GB for N500, N1500 for 6GB Data Code

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Airtel now has cheap data plans to suit whatever purpose. Just like the new Airtel Nigeria unbeatable data deal which gives 2GB for N500, 4GB for N1200, N1500 for 7GB and more, you can read about it here. Today, I will be giving the code for airtel data plan for N300, N500 and N1500 which gives 1GB, 2GB and 9GB respectively. For Glo, check out this data plan that gives 2GB for N500 and also 4GB for N1000 and valid for 30days.

Airtel N350 for 1GB, N500 for 2GB , N1500 for 9GB Data Code to Subscribe


This is branded as Airtel binge data plans and its not SIM selective. Its open to all new and existing airtel Nigeria subscribers. The plans are as follows;

  • Airtel binge N350 for 1GB of data - To activate this bundle, Dail  *141*354# 
  • Binge N500 for 2GB - Dail *141*504#
  • Airtel N1500 for 6GB - Dail *141*1504#

Airtel Binge Data Validity

This Airtel Binge data bundle are all valid for 24hours except binge N1500 which is valid for 7 days (1 week).

  • Binge 500 - Valid for 1day (24hours)
  • Binge 350 - Valid for 1day (24hours)
  • Binge N1500 - Valid for 7days (1week).

According to airtel, "These are data plans specially designed to satisfy your Heavy Data Needs".


"If you want to download a movie, binge watch a series or stream an online class, the Airtel Binge plans are just for you." Enjoy. Have you recently subscribed to this data bundle, please let us as well as others know about your experience by dropping a comment on the comment section below.

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