Airtel 2G Unlimited Data Plan 2019 - #200 and #500

Airtel 2G data plan has been around for over two years. It works only on 2G Network and if you are interested in getting it, its among the list of Airtel cheap data plan available. It cost just 200 Naira or 500. Naira. If you are a glo subscriber, see how you can get 2GB of data plus 3000 Naira worth of airtime for just 500 Naira,

Is Airtel 2G Plan Really Unlimited

Well, it used to be unlimited, but in today's telecoms industry in Nigeria, they have a funny way of describing the word "Unlimited".

This 2G plan is not unlimited but capped at about 2GB and 5GB  respectively for both plans.

How To subscribe to airtel Nigeria 2G data plan


Just get an airtel SIM and Dial *482# and choose your preferred plan. To opt out of the plan, dial the same code and choose  3 (from the on-screen information). Please note that as long as the 2G plan is active, you won't be able to browse on either 3G or 4G network.

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