Airtel Free Data Cheat March 2019


Airtel free browsing cheat has been scarce after the free basics airtel cheat of early 2017, nothing as good as that has resurfaced until this recent airtel free data cheat 2019.
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How does it work

  1. It work on all mobile device, android, iPhone or even "kpalasa" phones.
  2. It works great on both old 3g SIM as well as 4g SIM
  3. No VPN required

Settings for airtel free data cheat 2019

No special settings is required, all you need do is follow these simple steps;
Note: only try this if you are an airtel data subscriber. This may not work for you so try will the least data plan, if it works for you, you can go on to try it on airtel monthly data plan.

  • Dail *141# to subscribe to any airtel data plan
  • You will be given some bonus data alongside your purchased data, especially for new airtel sim that gets double data.
  • Use only the airtel free data and never touch the main data bundle
  • Afterwards, dail *126#
  • Choose 6 for reversal

If you are lucky you will get a reversal which you can use to purchase a new airtel data bundle.

You will be given new airtel free data , just repeat the process again by using only the free data and then dail the reversal code. That's all for this airtel cheat, enjoy!


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