Latest Tweakware Settings For MTN Free Browsing 2019


Tweakware is a free cheat app that is associated with free browsing cheat just like psiphon handler, simple server, http injector, anonytun, N-VPN and so on. Today i will be sharing latest tweakware settings for mtn cheat, 2019. juat follow the simple instructions given here and you should be connected to the internet in a matter of minutes for free.

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What is needed

  • Latest tweakware app         download tweakware here
  • Strong 3g/4g Network 
  • Android phone.

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MTN 0.0k tweakware Settings For Free Browsing

1. Install and open the tweakware app you downloaded above

2. On the app, Tap on Settings
3. Tap on Custom Tweak,  then set it like below;

Tweakware Settings

  • Select Connection Mode: HTTP
  • Server Port: 8080
  • Host Header: mtn1app.mtn.com
  • Select Header Line Type: singleline ( this is the default so live it like that)
  • Proxy Host:
  • Proxy Port: 8080

4. Go back to tweakware homescreen and select any free server
5. Select Custom on the dropdown box below

6. Finally, hit the Connect button'

Wait for some few seconds for the app to connect, afterwards, all you need do is minimize the tweakware app and enjoy mtn free browsing. Remember that this mtn cheat is not unlimited. Enjoy!


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