Android and iOS Hidden Codes You Don't know

iPhone, iOS android hidden codes , IMEI number

Below hidden codes for both android and iOS smartphones, used for various functions. Some are used for screen test, check android or iOS IMEI number, you can do a complete wipe of your phone (factory reset code), code to check the MAC address of your Smartphones. Checkout these android and iOS / iPhone hidden codes

Iphone / iOS Codes and Function

• iOS Field test mode (to get infomation about cell phone signal, including more precise reception reading), dail


• To Redirect calls - Call forwarding (you can assign  another phone number you want to use to redirect calls to when your phone is busy), to do this, just dail the code below;


• Code to Check the IMEI number on iPhone


• To Enable call waiting, dail


• To Disable call waiting on iOS, dail


• To improve full rate mode (EFR) to enhance signal reception in places of low signal, dail


• To Hide your phone number when you make a call (The receiver won't see your phone number) dail

*67The Phone Number

For example, to hide this phone number 44 23366 645, it would be


Then press the call button.
This also works on android, symbian and even java phones.

Android Codes And Function it Performs

These codes only works for android smartphone, although itay not work on all android device it works on over 80- 90% android smartphones currently available. They include;

• Info/Test menu (opens a menu where you can get detailed information about your phone, data usage statistics, and more)


• To perform Analog and backlight test, dail the code below


• To Display the IMEI number (IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity), it is a number that is unique to every Smartphone. It's like the DNA of smartphone. No Smartphone by default, has the same IMEI number. To check the IMEI of your Smartphone, dail this code below;


If you missplace your phone or it got stolen, it can be recovered using its IMEI number via tracking.

• For LCD Display test, ( used to check the condition of display screen, this also works on some led display screen)  To do this, dail


• To Display the Smartphone camera details/ information, dail


• To completely wipe off your enter phone firmware (in cases where you want to install a new firmware), dail


• To Display the  MAC address of your Smartphone, dail


• To show the Bluetooth address on the Smartphone, dail


• For Field test analysis (this enables you to know the exact signal strength of your android phone)

•To perform Quick GPS Test on your android phone, dail


More android and iOS / iPhone hidden codes will be updated.


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