Hammer VPN MTN Settings Cheat - Free Browsing Cheat 2019

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Great new for mtn free browsing cheat, mtn hammer vpn cheat 2019 is now available to all mtn subscribers. I will be showing you hammer vpn mtn settings for free browsing. Unlike mtn 0.0k cheat using HTTP injector, this one uses another brand of free VPN app called hammer VPN.

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Benefits  of mtn Free browsing Cheat using hammer VPN apk

  1. Offers mtn 0.0k free browsing  i. e you don't need to have any airtime or data on your phone.
  2. This mtn hammer vpn cheat is capped  at over 100MB minimum per day and unlimited  on few lucky mtn SIM (hammer vpn free server  is capped at just 100mb per day, you could  use up to 5 different  free servers daily to give you up to 500MB minimum  per day).
  3. This MTN cheat doesn't  require  any configuration file.
  4. It's free  as long g as the loophole  remains open.

What you need for this mtn cheat

  • Android  phone or MiFi  with mtn 3g or 4g SIM inside
  • Excellent  MTN strength
  • Modified Hammer VPN apk

Hammer VPN MTN Settings For MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2019

  • MTN Apn Settings  - use the default  mtn song settings  that already  exist on your device.
  • Download this  particular Hammer VPN APK from the download  link at the end (button) of this article 
  • Install and open the app

Note : Please  Don’t update the app after installation, even if you are prompt to install it

  • Input the following settings -
  • Username: default
  • Password: skip this, don't input anything
  • Server: Choose any available free server
  • Input these ports into two port boxes in the fields  below. First box, input 8080 and second box, input 9201. See short video below

  • Finally,  hit the Connect button and wait for few seconds  while  it connects.

Hammer VPN apk download - download  here

That's all,  if you've done  everything  right,  it should  now show connected.  Enjoy mtn hammer vpn cheat, just open any browser or you favourite app and start enjoying  free internet.  If you encounter any trouble,  please  let us know via the comments section below.

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    1. Thanks for the update but when I want to login the available premium servers it always say server full as I am a premium user


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