Fix Hammer VPN Connected But Not Browsing - MTN free browsing cheat 2019

Hammer vpn mtn

Hello everyone, I dropped working hammer vpn mtn cheat for free browsing earlier but one issue most people face now is being unable to browse even when connected (hammer VPN not browsing when connected). With this easy trick, you can fix this and start getting your hammer VPN to tunnel your device.


How to fix hammer VPN MTN cheat "connected but not browsing"

  1. Make sure you must have read the post or watch my short YouTube video on hammer VPN mtn settings.
  2. Close all applications and open only the hammer VPN app

  3. Choose only sever 5, Server 6, 40 or 49 input the other necessary hammer VPN mtn settings and tap on the connect button.
  4. You may see "server full" immediately its connected. Don't worry, just tap on connect button again and again until you are finally connected.

It seems only server 5 and 6 on hammer VPN mtn settings can tunnel your android device to browse when connected so try to get connected by using this simple reconnection trick. Yes, it might be stressful but remember this is mtn free browsing cheat, you don't pay a dime for it.

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