How To Use Config File Sent Via WhatsApp For Free Browsing On Your Phone

Http Injector config file, kpn tunnel, eproxy Configuration, MTN cheat

Have you finished d yourself in a situation where you were sent a  a config file (for http Injector, tweakware, stark VPN, spark VPN, KPN Tunnel rev, eproxy  a etc) only for you not to find the file when you try importing it? To correct this, the First thing you should do is to go locate the file through your phone default file manage and rename the file to it proper extension(type). Credits to @Tallmike on Nairabit WhatsApp Forum for this tutorial.

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Whatsapp automatically convert the file to a supported file type that they can send before sending it, so the receiver received a convert file.  So to use the file the receiver have to convert it back again to the proper file type. You can easily do that simply by renaming  the file.

How To Locate The Configuration File Sent Via Whatsapp

  • Go to your phone file manager
  • Tap on Whatsapp folder
  • Tap on MEDIA
  • Tap on Whatsapp Documents
  • This is where you should see the file.

HTTP Injector and Eproxy Config File

For HTTP injector file, the file type is .ehi (just as the file type or extension for many music player is .mp3), so the file name should  end with .ehi, so you have to remove the .enc  so that only .ehi will be the last extension. Else the Injector app won't find the file.

Latest Configuration file, Http Injector config file, kpn tunnel, eproxy Configuration, MTN cheat

For eProxy  it use .epro file extension, so the file should  end with  .ePro

KPN Tunnel Rev, Tweakware and Spark VPN Config File

And kpn tunel rev app uses krt config file so the file name should end with .krt , while spark vpn uses svc so it file name should end with      .svc
Next you can now go import the file as the file is now in the supported file extension (type) , it will now be visible in the app when you try importing it. Tweakware uses the twk file extension.

To forget about all this whatsapp convertion "wahala" just download the config file with any web browser from www.nairabit.com and no need to go reconvert.


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