Glo N200 For 10GB, N100 For 5GB Free Browsing Cheat

Glo, glo 200 for 10gb, glo 100 for 5gb

There is a new glo cheat kinda offer that gives subscribers Glo 10GB for 200 Naira and also 5GB for 100 Naira. This is available to all Glo customers on Glo Jolliific but you have to make sure that;

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  1. Your Glo number is registered and connected to a bank account. You can contact your bank to update and add your glo number to your account.
  2. Migrate to glo Jolliific by dailing  *603#
  3. After migration, just recharge N100 or N200 to get whopping 5.2GB and 10.4GB respectively.

Although, you can try and recharge directly from any bank account to your glo number without linking it to any account, and it might work. YYoumay get the 10 GB , so try it out one a SIM that isn't linked to any bank account. 

How To Check Glo 10GB for N200, N100 for 5GB  data plan

To check glo data balance, just open your Dailer and dail this USSD code #122#

That's all, enjoy.


    1. Wow it's real
      Can I share it or download with it

    2. How long will the data last before it expires

    3. I can't use the data ooo
      It's not connecting

    4. Please I dialed the code it told me north offer is active

      1. same here ooo administrator...what to do?

    5. I got the data but I can't access it. What could it be because of this? https://www.dailybinaryhub.com/glo-cheat-code-for-mb/


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