How To Subscribe To "Airtel YouTube Video Streaming" Data Plan

Airtel YouTube video streaming is a new data subscription plan from Airtel.  MTN YouTube video streaming and also 9mobile rolled out free YouTube Video streaming to its subscribers, Airtel seems to have follow the trend just like the 25 Naira night browsing data plan that was rolled out by Airtel after MTN  night Plan was introduced to its subscribers. 

Airtel, though was the first telecommunications network that introduced free Facebook with free basics , now we have 9Mobile (etisalat) Free Facebook and Glo Free Facebook or Facebook flex free or zero data packages. 

This is competition and I like it, I hope full and cheap data plan for other streaming services like Mobdro, Netflix and Hulu amongst others will be introduced to customers sooner rather than later.
Unlike 9Mobile YouTube plan that can only be used at night, Airtel YouTube packs are design for you to choose from, it has both day and night plans.

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