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Glo data plan - includes Glo data plan for android, Glo Data Plan for 2017, Glo subscription packages, Glo internet codes, has different varieties at best values to meet your internet or data needs. This  list of  Glo data subscription plans cover both 3G and 4G networks. According to Glo "Our data plans range from daily, weekly, monthly and Flexi plans to Blackberry Plans including plans for Blackberry 10 devices" (and iphones). 

Update September 2017; How to Activate Glo 100% Double Data Bonus

  • Glo 100% double data bonus is available for everyone and it can be enjoyed by all new and existing Glo subscribers.
  • Just buy any Glo official data plan by dialling *777# and activate auto-renewal. You will be given 100% data bonus.

Glo Daily Data Plans
This data plan provides data for daily internet access. It is mostly needed by people who just want to access the internet for a short period or have something urgent to do on the internet when they have run out of data(weekly or monthly subscription). This plan is more expensive compare to other internet data subscription plan. 

  •           30MB for N50 – valid for 24hours – Dial *127*14# to subscribe.
  •          60MB for N100 – valid for 24hours – Dial *127*51# to subscribe.
  •          200MB for N200 – Valid for 120hours (5 days) – Dial *127*56# to subscribe.

Glo Weekly Data Plans

This  data plan  from glo offers subscribers who cannot afford the any of the glo montly packages which goes for  N1,000 3.2GB data plan. Glo now offers1.6GB worth of data for a weekly fee of just N500 and 200MB for N200.

  •      1.6GB for #500 – Valid for 10days – Dial *127*57# to subscribe.
  •         200MB for N200 - Valid for 5 days - Dail *127*56# to subscribe.

Glo Monthly Data Plans
Glo monthly package is for heavy interent users who love to stream videos , browse , chat and do a lot of things on the internet. Glo monthly plans are the cheapest in Nigeria, and the validity period is 30 days.

  •          3.2GB for #1,000 – valid for 30days – to subscribe  Dial *127*53# 
  •          7.5GB for #2,000 – valid for 30days – to subscribe Dial *127*55# 
  •          10GB for #2,500 – Valid for 30days – to subscribe Dial *127*58# 
  •          12GB for #3,000 – valid for 30days – to subscribe Dial *127*54# 
  •          18GB for #4,000 – valid for 30days – to subscribe Dial *127*59# 
  •          24GB for #5,000 – Valid for 30days – to subscribe Dial *127*2# 
  •          48GB for #8,000 – Valid for 30days – to subscribe Dial *127*1# 
  •         60GB for #15,000 – Valid for 30days – to subscribe Dial *127*12# 
  •          90GB for #18,000 – Valid for 30days – to subscribe Dial *127*13# 

Glo Night and Weekend Plans 

Glo weekend plan is only available at night and its one of the cheap data plan for movies, games, and other heavy downloads.

  •        1GB for #200 – Valid for 1 Night (12am – 5am)  – Dial *127*60# to subscribe.

All Glo data plans comes with 100% bonus when you re-subscribe within 3 days of your previous subscription expiration date.

NB; Are you out of data before end of your validity or you just want added data to your current plan? Boost your data plan by 1GB for just N500 OR by 300MB for just N200. Dial *777# to buy extra data (1GB Data Plan Boost is for 1GB plans or higher)

 ***New Customers would get Double Volume (Existing as of Today, please refer to the plans above).
 ***All Existing Customers who will have continuous subscription of data plans would also continue to enjoy the Double Volume.
 ***There would be a grace period of 3 days to still enjoy the benefits of continuous subscription.
 ***Customers who fail to renew their data plans within 3 Days of the Expiry of their Data Plans would get HALF the Data Volume.
 ***The Benefits of continuous subscription and the volume advantage would be communicated in the standard threshold alerts that go to the customer.

 ***All the other attributes of these plans remain unchanged (i.e Gifting, Sharing etc).

How To Check Your Glo Data Balance

To check your glo data , simply dial *127*0# or SMS the word “INFO” to 127 , and you will receive an sms with details of your data balance.
Choose the Glo Data Plan. according to your need and pocket size. If there is any new data plan that has been omitted,  you can let us know by using the comment section below. dont forget to share this post to your friends on social media.

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