9Mobile Chatpak Free Browsing Cheat Working On Anonytun VPN App

Anonytun Free browsing on 9mobile stopped working about a day or two ago but this latest Chatpak cheat is affordable for browsing and downloads as it offers at least 2GB of data for just 600 Naira monthly (150 for 500MB per week). Glo free browsing cheat is available and requires subscription to Facebook flex to get internet connectivity. 9Mobile Chatpak is a social bundle from Smartpak data bundle plan which works only on social media, but can power all apps on your android mobile phone by setting up Anonytun VPN apk app.

Smarkpak comprises
  • VideoPak - 2 hours unlimited video streaming
  • SocialPak - brows social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • ChatPak - chatting apps like Facebook,viber, whatsapp, wechat, 2go etc

ChatPak works on all devices - android, iPhone, blackberry and windows, but to use it to powers all apps, you need an application that is only availability in android version, hence this cheat is only for android users. I always advice cheat lovers to get android device because most free browsing cheat are only available for android users.


What is Needed For Mobile ChatPak Anonytun Cheat?

  • Android mobile phone
  • 9Mobile / etisalat SIM
  • 150 Naira airtime to subscribe to chatpak
  • Anonytun VPN app

Anonytun Settings For 9Mobile Chatpak Cheat

Step 1.

Download  Anonytun VPN apk app here

Step 2.

Recharge your 9Mobile SIM with 150 naira, then subscribe to 9Mobile chatpak by dailing *200*3*3*1*2#

Step 3

  • Install and open the Anonytun VPN app you downloaded above and set it as follows
  • Open the app and Tap on STEALTH SETTINGS
  • Toggle  Stealth Tunnel ON
  • Connection Protocol, select HTTP
9mobile anonytun cheat

  • Connection Port, input 8081
  • Toggle Custom TCP/HTTP Headers, ON

9mobile anonytun cheat

  • URL/HOST, input  Viber.com or cdn.whatsapp.net
  • Request Method, select POST
  • Injection Method, input, Normal
  • Extra Heasers, tick KEEP ALIVE and USER AGENT
  • Tap on GENERATE
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    1. This nice, and hope it could stand the test of time?

    2. If I got you correctly this chatpark subscription will only last for a week,then it is fair

    3. Please is the above still working as I want to try it

    4. Is it working now I heardheard it stopped

    5. Is there a nairabit whatsapp group?
      Kindly add o7o89732302

    6. Guys pls is the stuff still working


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