Glo 4G LTE Settings, 3G Manual APN on All Device

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For this with 4G enabled devices, I will be showing you manual glo 4G LTE settings that works on all device ranging from smartphones, MiFi,Modems,  routers, and other 4G enabled device. This is for those that didn't get glo automatic configuration settings.

LTE stands for  "Long Term Evolution", it is the new generation fast speed internet service after 3G. LTE service provides faster download speed and also high quality video rendering with breaks when compared to 4G network. Although countries like China and United States moving closer to 5G LTE with the likes of AT&T, Nigeria just started embracing 4G.

Glo 4G LTE Settings For All Device

• To check if your phone or device support glo 4G LTE service, open your message box and send;
4G to 400.

To upgrade to glo 4g LTE, buy a new glo 4G SIM at any glo shop or swap your SIM for a 4G enabled Glo SIM at any glo experience center.

• Next check if your location has glo 4G LTE coverage. See Glo coverage map here

• Go to your device Settings and set your glo APN settings like below;

✓ APN - gloflat
✓ Username - flat
✓ Password - flat

Yes, this is same as glo 3g internet settings, it works for  a both 3g and 4g LTE, so save glo 4G LTE settings and choose as your default settings. If you already have the settings there, no need to create another one.  Glo 4g subscription code is also same as 3g, *777#.

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