MTN Airtime Transfer USSD Code 2018

How To Transfer Airtime on MTN

To transfer airtime on MTN, you need an MTN transfer code and a four digit transfer PIN  that serves as security during the transfer. If you are a new MTN subscriber or an existing subscribers without a transfer pin, the first thing for you to do before you will be able to use MTN Share n Sell for airtime transfer is to Register New 4 digit Transfer Pin.

How To  Get MTN Call Airtime Transfer Pin

• The default pin for MTN credit transfer is 0000, but you won't be allowed to use this default pin. You will be prompted to change the four digit PIN to your own four digit PIN, to do this you have to dail this code

*601*Default pin*New pin* New pin#

For example, to change default pin to 4444, dail
*601*0000*4444*4444#  then press send

• Now you are ready to transfer Airtime using MTN Share n Sell.

How to Transfer Airtime On MTN Using Code - Share n Sell

• To transfer call airtime or credit from MTN to MTN number, use this MTN airtime transfer USSD code
*600*The Receiver Phone MTN Number* Amount*Your 4 Digit Transfer Pin#

• For example , to transfer 200 Naira Airtime to 08030000000 using my transfer pin of 4444, the code would be

• The press send

That's all, please note that MTN now charge a 10% transfer fee. So when you transfer​
• 100 Naira Airtime transfer attracts 10 Naira fee
• 200 Naira Airtime transfer attracts 20 Naira fee
• 300 Naira Airtime transfer attracts 30 Naira fee
And so on.

The lowest transfer amount is 50 Naira, so you must have at least 55 Naira (50 for transfer and 5 Naira fee) to use this MTN Airtime transfer ussd code 2018. Don't forget the 10% fee that is applicable !


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