Twinkas - Financial Freedom To All

Hello everyone,Am here to introduce you all to the latest and hottest investment scheme called TWINKAS
No referrals needed!!!  it is bodly written on the website.  Some of u have already joined a week ago when I first introduced twinkas here nd have also gotten payments.

How Twinkas works

The most exciting thing about twinkas is that *you don't have to refer anyone before you can earn*, simply register and pay to the person that the site asked you to pay to, sit back and wait for within 15 working days and someone will be assigned to pay you..( i say 15 working days maximum, but u can get your payment within few days like 5 days....nobody is registeted under anyone so d faster people gets into d system d faster d payment, dats y its maximum of 15 working days nd minimum of 2days...you get 100% plus capital = 200% (Very simple).Once you receive your payment, you can reactivate the same plan or choose another plan with more profit..There are different plans you can choose from. Invest 5,000 naira to get 10,000 naira10,000 naira to get 20,000 naira20,000 naira to get 40,000 naira50,000 naira to get 100,000naira.
After registration you will have to click on "Get a sponsor", then choose your package (5k,10k,20k or 50k) after which you will get 24 hours to make payment.
Duration for each plan is within 15working days,  2-3weeks
5k gives 10k
10k gives 20k
50k gives 100k
follow this linkTo register on twinkas

How to Register on Twinkas

Step 1. Click on d above link and register ( make sure you have the money you want to use before you register, minimum package is 5k , maximum is 50k. Click on signup under the package you want to enter(5k , 10k, 20k, 50k )
Step 2. After d first page, you click on create account den the next page will be to fill in your account details. After filling your account details, click on save
Step 3. You twinkas account is now ready, click on *Get a sponsor* so that twinkas will match you to someone to pay to
Step 4. There are different packages, so choose the package according to the amount of money you have (5k, 10k, 20k , 50k)
Note: if u see *rebooting* or connecting to server when you want to choose a sponsor, just wait for few minutes and reload d page until u see *sign up* button
step 6 - After clicking on signup, under d package, u will see a 30mins countdown timer, just wait for 30mins while twinkas verify your sponsor, you can reload the page after 30mins or relogin into your account after 30mins to see your sponsor.

After that you might see a red warning message, read it or scroll to the buttom and  click on  "I have seen and read this notice"

Note- you will see a 4 digit number on your dashboard, that's your activation pin ( you will need it tu confirm those that paid tu you), copy it on a sheet of paper and keep it safe.

Your sponsor information (the person to pay to) will be displayed to you. Copy his or her account details ,den call her before making payments. After payments have been made, upload your proof of payyment by clicking on "i have made payment" button on your dashboard ( you might leave teller number and bank branch empty) call the person to confirm you.

After your sponsor confirms you,you will see on your dashboard *you are now a sponsor*

Just wait for twinkas to match you with those to pay you between 2-21 days.

*Everyone should please note these simple processes on twinkas to avoid loss of cash*

1. When you click on *get a sponsor* , you will choose a package (5k, 10k, 20k or 50k) and you will be given a sponsor to pay to.

2. You will be given just 24hours to pay your sponsor .

3. Copy your sponsor phone number and call the person to tell him you are sending the money to his account, so he should be aware. If you can't reach your sponsor on phone, dont pay.

4. Copy ur sponsor account name ,bank and account number, make payment and take a snapshot of your payment as proof.

5. Login into you twinkas account and click on *I have made payment* then fill the form and upload your proof of payment, then submit.

6. Call d person (sponsor) that you have paid and tell him to confirm you immediately he gets the money ( mobile transfer doesn't take time) .

*make sure you pay nd upload your proof of payment b4 ur time expires else you will be blocked, even if you paid the person*

7. Check your account at every 15 mins interval if your sponsor have activated your account, if not ,call him and ask why its taking long for him to activate you, always make sure you are activated b4 you feel relaxed.

After successful activation, you are now a sponsor, just sit back and relax for twinkas to pair you with 2 people to pay you

Happy Twinkingfor further enquiries, you can chat up
0706 224 6265


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