Free Basics: Brows facebook, goal.com,jobberman,BBC news,naij news etc for free

Facebook Free basics by Airtel

Free access to websites like Facebook, ESPN and more has been made possible by the Smartphone Phone network, Airtel.
With Free Basics,  all Airtel suscribers can connect to Facebook and other websites for free . Now you can Stay in touch with friends and family using Facebook and Facebook messenger, search for jobs using jobberman or career24, check out news using naij.com, BBC news etc and sports updates ( Goal.com,espn.com etc), get health information (ask a doctor, fact for life, baby center), buy and sell ( olx, jiji.ng, onetouch.ng) and so much more – all without data charges.
Free Basics includes websites like:
• AccuWeather
• BabyCenter & MAMA
• BBC News
• Goal.com
• Naij.com
• Bing search
• BBC News
• Jobberman
• Dictionary.com
• Efritin.com
• Nairaland
•  Olx
• jiji.ng
• wikiHow
• Wikipedia
• Facebook and Facebook messenger
• Africa.com
• Careers.com
Websites may vary by country.
What is Free basic about?
Free Basics by Facebook is part of the Internet.org initiative. Internet.org is a highly controversial partnership between social networking services company facebook and six companies (Samsung,Ericsson,MediaTek,Opera Software,Nokia and Qualcomm) that plans to bring affordable access to selected Internet services to less developed countries by increasing efficiency, and facilitating the development of new business models around the provision of Internet access. In May 2015, Facebook announced that the Free Basics Platform would be opened to websites that met its criteria. In September 2015, the app delivering these services was renamed Free Basic. They are working with mobile operators around the world to make Free Basics widely available.
These mobile operators( Airtel Nigeria included) have agreed to not charge you for the data used to browse Free Basics. Data used beyond Free Basics, including but not limited to any minimum balance requirements and text messaging costs, may still result in standard rates and charges from your mobile operator.
How to access these free sites
• Using your browser, just type m.freebasics.com
• You can download and install the free application below.
Enjoy !


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