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Have you ever read a post, especially those related to tech where the writer uses the word " MediaTek or MTK devices" and you wonder what the writer is talking about?. I wrote a post about Android IMEI tweaking where I wrote that the procedure works only on MTK devices and some persons got confused about it saying they dont know what MTK means. You will get the right answers at the end of this article.
MTK is the short form for MediaTek which is a leading Android device CPU manufacturer.
During the advent of the Android OS, leading companies like google, Samsung, HTC etc where the only companies that produced Android devices that run on Android OS  and their Chipsets(CPU or processor) were manufactured using US Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset.
Currently, Google which is the main developers of the Android OS started giving licenses to other companies, this was how companies like MediaTek keyed into that and now produce their own Android device chipsets ( used in techno, Infinix, Gionee, Innjoo etc) different from the Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset which devices like Samsung, Sony, Lg etc uses.
Devices  with MediaTek chipsets are easily penetrable using simple android tools like kingroot, mobile uncle etc compared to devices that uses Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets.
List of Some MTK devices
• Techno
• Infinix
• Gionee
• Innjoo
• Huawei
• Hitachi
• Alcatel
• Imose
• Yusun
• Itel
• Chuwi
• xiomi
• Gigabyte
• Obi
• Wiko
• Pipo
• Oppson
• Zte
• Phillips
• Jiayu
• Oppo
• Elephon ..    etc
What about Samsung, Lg and SONY phones that has MTK processors?
These are not original products, they may be cloned devices. Most Devices like Samsung, HTC, Sony,Lg does not run on MediaTek chipsets. Only devices like Tecno, Infinix , Gionee uses MediaTek chipsets.
How do I know original devices?
By using an application called CPU z which can be downloaded here
• install the CPU-Z and lunch it
• you will see your all your device hardware information
• the SOC menu will show you  the chip and model of your device written at the top of the screen.
• the system menu shows the hardware component. The models with MTK devices always start with "Mt" prefix. So if your Samsung device starts with Mt , it means its fake.
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