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We are happy to bring to you,  Nairabit , running on whatsapp platform. This whatsapp group has lots of benefits like getting latest free and affordable browsing solutions, latest browsing tips and tricks, mobile phone and pc tips, live interaction with other users and admins willing to give you assistance where neccessary and so much more. Exciting, isn't it? To be one of us on whatsapp, you have to adhere to best practices so as not to be suspended or removed. These laid down rules are made to give every members of the group maximum user experience and also prevent abuse of this platform.

Note: This whatsapp group is not a substitute for the website (nairabit dot com). Hence links to post(s) may be posted for details.

All these terms and conditions listed below must be met if you wish to join us,

Section 1. Members should not post spam links, affiliate links, malicious links, referral links and also links that are irrelevant to the group.

      Subsection 1 . All posts and discussions must be related to Tech .
      Subsection 2. posting of jokes are allowed but should not be excessive.

Section 2.  All members of this group (including admins) have equal right and power hence nobody should be abused or threatened.

       Subsection 1. Every member has the right to his or her opinion.
       Subsection 2. These right should be used maturely so as not to cause abuse to other group members.

Section 3.  Changing of group's name and picture are restricted to admins only.

Section 4.  Private messages and voice calls to admins are not allowed.
       Subsection 1a. Section 4 is allowed for business purposes.
      Subsection 1b. Section 4 is allowed if you wish to report any member(s) or issue(s)

Section 5.  Posting of nude contents is prohibited in its entirety.

Section 6.  This is a whatsapp group of over 200 users per group so you should expect large influx of messages hence no member should complain of excessive messages.

Section 7. Members should endeavor to write their names or nickname on their whatsapp profile upon addition to the group for easy recognition and communication.

Section 8. There should be no religious differences as we are all one under this group.

Section 9.  Admins may not always be online to give you prompt support mostly at odd hours (11pm - 7am), so members can offer assistance to each other where and when necessary.

Section 10.  Posting of browsing tweaks (cheats) by anyone is allowed.
      Subsection 1a. Members making use of section 10 must confirm it is working before posting so as to save other users time and money.
       Subsection 1b. If the member cannot confirm if the tweak works, he or she should state it clearly that it has not been confirmed working.            Subsection 2a. Upon review, admin will decide if the tweak is working or not, hence takes the necessary action.
      Subsection 2b. "Review" used in 2a above include but not restricted to response from group members who tried the tweak( cheat ).

Section 11. Admins reserves the right to suspend or removed any member who do not comply with the above rules.

Section 12. Members have the right to leave the group at anytime but may not be added again upon request.

Section 13. Whatsapp only accepts 250 numbers per group, hence there are more than one nairabit group.
      Subsection 1. Admins can add you to any one of the groups.

Section 14. All sections can be changed or amended at any time upon review by members. Changes made will be communicated across all d groups.

Section 15. Ignorance to all sections of these Terms and Conditions cannot be used as an excuse.

To join, add this number, 07062246265 to your whatsapp contact and send a message with the word "add me to Nairabit whatsapp group"


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