MTN 50MB Daily Free Browsing Data Still Working With These VPN Apps

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MTN Free browsing has not been around for most part of 2019 unlike the other years. One that has been available for about a year now is MTN 50mb free browsing cheat on various VPN apps like Http injector, N-VPN, tweakware, stark VPN, spark VPN kpn and others. This 50mb daily cheat is a fallout of the 1GB to 2GB mtn data cheat that was blocked around December 2018, giving just 50mb or less since that time up until now. If you prefer to buy cheap data bundle, you can subscribe for Airtel 6GB for #1500 plus #3000 free airtime or Glo #500 for 1.8GB , or MTN #1000 for 5GB data.

50Mb data is not much , but considering the fact that when you stack up 50MB daily for a whole month (30 days) you would have gotten 1.5GB. This is a life line not for many but few who cannot afford to get any data at a given time.

Unfortunately, one of the recent free browsing app that people use is 24 Clan VPN which happens to have stopped. To continue enjoying free 50mb data daily on MTN, you could use other apps such as;

Stark VPN reloaded            Download here

Latest N-VPN lite app.          Download here

Latest Tweakware app.       download here

Stark VPN settings

  • To use stark VPN app, just Dow load the app from the link above 
  • Install the stark VPN app and lunch it

  • Choose MTN 50Mb from the tweak drop down menu 
  • Tap on connect and wait a few seconds while it connect.

N-VPN lite settings

Nvpn lite works only on android version 6.0 and below, it doesnt woek for android 7.0 and newer. As for the cheat settings, nothing has change, if you prefer to use N-VPN lite app, just download the app, and follow the same procedure as explained here and you are good to go
Enjoy !


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