Free To Air Decoder Upgrade - How To Avoid Virus Infection

Free to air decoder, gtmedia

Decoder software upgrade could be as simple as "ABC" and also could be a tough but to crack. Some end up soft bricking the decoder while some destroy the decoder in the process by updating a corrupt file. This applies to almost all universal free to air decoders like viewsat, freesat, uniquesat, strong, qsat, gtmedia and others.

Decoder upgrade make one enjoy updates which usually comes with better options. This cannot be done using DSTV decoder, because DSTV do Over the Air upgrade which is automatically downloaded and installed by the decoder without you doing anything other than to sit and relax. Although you can use your DSTV decoder to watch any free to air channel.

How to Avoid viruses during updating/ downgrading decoders

I have noticed that many people that bought new decoders, usually infect the decoder with viruses either from the laptop/ computer during updating of the decoder.
To avoid this, I have come out with the below solution, thereby avoiding use of laptop/ computer during updating decoders.
  • Make sure you backup your current decoder software if its still working, if it has stopped booting up, u can skip this process.

  • Make sure you download the current file for that specific model or any other "tested and working model".
  • Get a clean flash with both phone USB and bigger USB mouth.
  • Also download "Zarchiver" app from play store, for extraction of the file/ software in the phone.
  • Then you are good to go.


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