Opera News Shake And Win 2019 is Back With Free Airtime and Prizes for Everyone

Opera news app

Opera News shake and win promo where everyone wins prizes, is back again for the duration of the 2019 African cup of Nations. Remember last year world cup where people won various cash prizes as well as other prizes. Read Other related articles like  New Glo 1GB For #300, 5GB For #500 - Cheapest Glo Data Plan, also see How To Browse For Free With Your MTN Line Using N-VPN Lite App

According to Opera News "Last year, during the football World Cup, we gave away 54 million prizes and rewarded more than one million people across Africa through Shake and Win. This year we want to bring this experience back to you and make you a lucky winner again"

How To Win Prizes with  Opera Shake and Win Promo 2019

  • All you need is an android device and little internet data to download and use the opera news shake and win app.
  • To start playing Shake and Win, tap on the banner inside the Opera News home feed or go to the Me page and click the Shake and Win banner there.

Don’t have Opera News yet? Simply click here to download the app for free now.


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