Hammer VPN - How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Limit

Hammer VPN, bypass hammer VPN daily limit
Hammer VPN is working for free on all android device for about a week now. I've made one or two post about mtn settings for hammer VPN app and also how to fix hammer VPN "connected but not browsing". Today, this new article will guide you through so you know how to bypass hammer VPN daily limit to get unlimited data bandwidth.

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How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Data Limit of 100MB or 200MB

This works for all freenet (free browsing cheat) that is powered by Hammer VPN cracked apk version. So this works both on globe, TNT, airtel or even mtn free browsing cheat, so let's narrow this down to just mtn cheat because that's what's working now in Nigeria using hammer VPN app. To bypass hammer VPN daily limit, follow these steps carefully;
See Video illustrations below for easy comprehension

Exit hammer VPN app/Clear Data and cache

You are not suppose to use up to 100MB (daily) limit before you do this trick. But if you've used up to 100MB and you get the message to " wait till tomorrow" , no problem.
  1. Close the hammer VPN app
  2. Navigate to you android device app manager or app management, depending on your phone.
  3. Locate hammer VPN app and tap on it
  4. Look for "clear data" and "clear cache" , tap on both to clear the app data and cache.

Delete Hammer.dmp file

  1. Go to your file manager and locate "Android Folder", tap on it.
  2. You should see a folder named HAMMER_TEMP_DIR, tap on it
  3. Inside, you should see the hammer.dmp file. Delete this file and exit your file manager.

Change Your Date

  1. Next, you have to change your date to the next day. For example, today is 11th February, 2019, you could change it to 12 February 2019.
  2. Navigate to your phone settings
  3. Locate Time and Date Settings
  4. Tap to change the date on your android phone.

Edit .Playstor file

Here you will need ES File Explorer,  Download this particular ES file explorer here
  1. Install es file explorer app, Launch Es File Explorer > Tap Menu Icon> then Toggle on the Show Hidden Files Icon.
  2. If you don't do this you will not see the .Pastor file because it will remain hidden.
  3. Again, go back to your es file manager and locate Android folder.
    Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Limit a
  4. Scroll down, you should see a file named .Playstor.srf.h , tap on this file to edit its content using es file explorer. It should automatically be opened used es file editor when you click on it.
  5. You'll see the file contains just some set of numbers in this format - 11-16215464 or -16215464
  6. The first two numbers (11) represents today's date, all you need do is change the date number to the next day date I.e from 11 to 12.

Note that you may not see any number before the - symbol (something like -16215464) , all you have to do here is to add the next date before the - symbol and save. For example, if the next day is 12 , -16215464 would become 12-16215464.

Go back,  Launch your Hammer VPN, input your 2 ports (8080 and 9201) in the fields provided, then hit the  Connect button.

Last and Very important !

  • Connect using server 5 and 6, immediately you hit the connect button, don't waste any time. Just minimize the app even if it has not connected.

This is all. You can repeat this step anytime you exhaust your mtn 100mb. But while connected, use just 80mb then while still connected, go to hammer temp folder and delete the file you see there. Then go and change your date. This way you won't have to go through all the steps to bypass hammer VPN daily limit.


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