Eproxy VPN App, Settings and epro Config File For Free Browsing

Eproxy is a VPN/SSH app to access the internet anonymously just like http injector. It it mostly popular with free browsing cheats or tricks or free internet depending on what you call "free internet access"

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eProxy For Android is used to perform the following task

- Modified outgoing request your ISP
- Send data requests through a proxy

How to use Eproxy App For Direct Connection, SSH and VPN

Note that you may combine any of the options depending on what you want.

Option 1 (Direct Connection)

  • Open eProxy, add custom request and start.
  • Open your device's settings > mobile network > APN
  • Edit your ISP APN and then use "" as the proxy server and "1707" (default) as the port.

Option 2 (SSH)

  •  Open eProxy add custom request and start
  • Open SSH and Check Socks5 Port forwarding and Forward All (This mode need root permission) or you can set tun2socks if your device not root

  • Checklist enable HTTP Proxy and set to listen port)

Option 3 (VPN)

  • Open eProxy add custom request and start
  • To combine with vpn add "http-proxy (your listen port) on your vpn's configuration 
  • Example http-proxy 1707

How To Use Eproxy For MTN,Glo, Airtel or Etisalat Free Browsing Cheat

Eproxy can be used for free browsing worldwide, provided you have an host proxy or IP you canuse, or you have an already configured "epro file" ( just like http Injector ehi file). To use Eproxy app for free browsing, you need

  1. Download Eproxy android app

  2. Download config file for eproxy (epro file)

Eproxy Settings

  • Tap on the red plus icon at the bottom right of eproxy app to import the already downloaded epro file
  • Navigate to the folder where you've downloaded the epro file, locate it and tap on the file to import.
  • In a few seconds, you epro config file will be imported

  • Finally, tap on start button.

The app should connect if you have the right epro config file. Enjoy free browsing on eproxy app, just minimize the app and continue to access the internet for free.
To get epro config file updates, check here


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