MTN Latest Free Browsing Cheat Working on Rooted and Non Rooted Phone - See Trick

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Free browsing on MTN is available for everyone in Nigeria an also Ghana. The former (Nigeria), is MTN free browsing on Spark VPN and Http injector and works mostly on non-rooted device, so those with rooted android phones finds it difficult to use this MTN Latest free browsing cheat. The solution to this is very simple, and it's something that would take nothing less than 3mins, so let's get started after which you can browse and download unlimited on MTN using spark or http injector Von with United States, UK or Netherlands free sever.

How To Make MTN Latest Free Browsing Cheat Work on Rooted Phones

First you will need 3 things;

1• KingRoot App - Download link for the particular version of Kingroot provided at the bottom of this article.

2• The second requirement is an internet connection. You only need less than 1mb to get the job done.

3• Download Root Checker

How Do I Unroot my phone 

To enjoy this latest MTN cheat, you will need to unroot your phone using Kingroot.

• Download Kingroot from the link below.

• Install and open the app

• Tap on Unroot.

• Your android phone will Unroot in a matter of just few minutes. Now you should reboot your device.

To confirm that you have successfully Unroot your phone, install and open the Root Checker app. This will tell​ you if you have successfully Unroot your phone. If done successfully, you can now go ahead and enjoy latest mtn free browsing cheat.


To download, scroll down and check under "For MTN free browsing cheat" on the page that appears when you click on the file link below

Download Root Checker app

Download Kingroot

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