MTN Cheat: Unlimited MTN Free Browsing Cheat August 2018, Working On Spark VPN

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Welcome to August 2018, Just like magic, everyone was surprised when i dropped the MTN latest cheat on http injector, some were in doubt and some even concluded the MTN cheat was fake like the MTN psiphon cheat, although most of them have free MTN mb and have been enjoying MTN free data cheat. But with huge testimony, most of you guys have come to the reality that MTN free browsing cheat 2018 with unlimited data downloads is back for real.

Some of the cons on http injector MTN free internet browsing is that it doesn't work on most rooted android device (the config file). So as promised yesterday on Nairabit WhatsApp group for free browsing and tech , I will be showing you latest free browsing on MTN using another VPN called Spark VPN (Virtual Private Network) app. MTN free browsing trick is still working in Ghana, but this one is for Nigeria.

What is Needed For MTN Latest Free Browsing Using Spark VPN Android App

• You need an android device because the app is an android app. 
• You need an MTN SIM. 

•MTN Network at your location. 
• Spark VPN cheat app. 
• Spark VPN File.

2018 MTN Free Browsing Configuration on Spark VPN

Follow the instructions below to browse for free on mtn;

1• Download Spark VPN app and Spark VPN config file ( Download links provided at the end of this article). I will provide another config file later, but for now ,download the one provided by GAD)

2• Tap on Tweaks at the top right corner of the app.

3• Locate the Spark VPN Config file you download and tap on the file to import it.

4• After you have successfully imported the Spark VPN config file, just wait for the app to automatically Connect. If it doesn't connect automatically, just tap on the connect button yourself (you may won't see the Connect button because of long attribution text, don't worry, just click on this particular area I have marked with a red circle as shown in the image below;

MTN cheat, latest MTN cheat, latest free browsing 2018

Wait a few seconds for the app to connect, then you can now open and app on your phone to enjoy this Latest MTN cheat.

How to Know That The Cheat App Has Connected

You will hear a short sound and should see a key sign at the top notification bar on your phone, most times it's close to the network signal bar on your android phone.

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How To Download

To download a file on Nairabit, you have to navigate two different pages before you download your file at the final download page. To download a file
• Click on the file link at the end of an article. 
• On the next page, Locate the file under its cheat column (MTN cheat, glo cheat, Airtel cheat, etisalat (9mobile) free browsing cheat).
• Click on " continue to download page". 
• On the final download page, scroll down and click on the file to download. Your Download will start in a few seconds.

Nairabit brought this MTN Cheat: Unlimited MTN Free Browsing Cheat August 2018, Working On Spark VPN to you and was last modified on 1st August 2018.


    1. It just keeps saying connecting, reconnecting over and over,please help.

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    4. This one is working like super bike. Thanks man

    5. Mine connects but the browsing is not very fast, maybe it's Network sha. The other one for http injector did not work for me but worked for my sister. So I think the cheat select SIM. I hope this MTN cheat lasts. Thanks nairabit, good job

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