Airtel Cheat: Latest Airtel Browsing Cheat On Handler App

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Hey guys, bring out your Airtel SIM to enjoy latest free browsing on Airtel.This Airtel cheat for August 2018 works on android using Facebook handler app, which means you can use it to access facebook for free with pictures unlike the Airtel free basics that gives free Facebook to all subscribers but without pictures, "Faceless book", funny right?.

This free and latest Airtel cheat 2018 also works on psiphon to power all apps but it's not reliable because it takes long to connect and when it does, it disconnects within a short time.

Airtel Cheat 2018 APN Settings For Free Browsing

Go to your mobile phone settings, locate APN and create a new APN settings using these parameters below;
Name: Airtel Facebook
Apn: cmss.gprs.com
Port: 80
Leave other fields in their default and save this new Settings. You can now move to the next step.

Airtel Cheat Handler Settings For Free Facebook

Download Facebook handler app under Airtel free Browsing Cheat, on the nxt page
Open  the android app and enter these simple settings;

Front Query - Input

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That's all you need to to enjoy Airtel Cheat free browsing on your android phone. It's unlimited, and you will be the first to know when it starts working on other cheat apps VPN like anonytun, Psiphon.


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