UC Browser File Not Downloading - How To Download Stucked Files On UC, N Mini

You may have  come across some issues like "my UC browser is not downloading videos" or "UC browser download error"  or " UC  browser download stucked". To download files on UCmini or N-Mini browsers that refused to start download or have retrying problem for a long time , follow the steps below to fix this;

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How To Solve or Fix latest UC & N-Mini Browser "File not downloading" Problem

To solve a retrying problem on UC Mini browser, follow the steps below;

Step 1

• Open another tab on the N-Mini or UCmini browser.
• Copy and paste the URL below

Step 2

• Go to the download tab
• Long press and tap on the file that has refused to download.
• Tap on the three dots at the bottom right corner of the app.
•  Tap on copy under Download path to copy the download URL of the file you which to download.

Step 3

• Go back to the securefor.com tab.

• Paste the copied download link on the url box provided on the website.

• Tap on go
That's all, your download should start but this time there won't be any UC download error or UC browser got stucked when downloading videos or other files.


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