Glo Free Browsing September 2018 On Stark VPN - Latest Glo Cheat

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Most of you guys are not new to free internet browsing on Glo using different VPN cheat apps like Psiphon, XP, N-VPN, Anonytun, http injector and many others. The latest of them is stark VPN which now  works with glo free Browsing 2018.

To bring up your glo data, you need to dail this Glo free browsing code to subscribe to glo daily data plan of 25 Naira for just 12.5MB. 

How to Setup Glo Free Browsing 2018 Cheat on Stark VPN

Glo Cheat APN (Access Point Name)

• Goto settings and use this glo manual APN below
✓ Name: Nairabit Glo (or any name you can think of)
✓ APN - glo flat
✓ Username - flat
✓ Password - flat
Leave other fields the way the are and proceed to the next step.

Latest Unlimited Glo free Browsing 2018 cheat - Stark VPN settings

• Download Stark VPN from the Link provided at the bottom (end) of this article.

• Install and open the app for free browsing

• Tap on Tweak and Choose Custom

• Next Tap on  the red button close to "tweak" that has "Custom" written on it.

• On the Custom Settings page tap on  Select Connection Mode - Choose HTTP.

• Server Port - input 80

• Host Header - input

• Finally, go back and tap on the red disconnect button to connect.

Wait for a few seconds for the cheat app to connect, minimize the app and enjoy unlimited glo free browsing on stark VPN. You can use any of the servers, United States, Netherlands, France, Germany, Canada etc. or choose best perfomance or Auto select.

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