Glo Free Browsing July 2018 on Anonytun, Stark, Other VPN Working?

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Hey guys, just within a period of a week or two, we saw free browsing on Glo flood everywhere from anonytun to stark to psiphon and even nvpn. UC handler and the new N-Mini browsers were blazing hot expecially on 3g SIMs, eventually just yesterday I started getting messages from nairabit readers and those on nairabit whatsapp group that glo cheat has stopped working. So what went wrong?

After trying out different VPN and handler apps with different tweak method, unfortunately non of them worked. I found out glo has blocked it's redirect url, so when one data is exhausted, instead of getting a redirect your browsing just stops. This is why non of the cheat apps are working because they all rely on the redirect url to function.


Free browsing cheat will always be available but not all the time. So be sure to get the latest free browsing as soon as it's out, visit nairabit homepage www.nairabit.com everyday to check for new cheat.


    1. Well, its all same whole same , even if its working , its not stable and that's the sad aspect of it . I expect a better stable connection and a better VPN that can use SSH tunnelling also Trrminal Emulator isn't working for stability as expected , as well 7.0 devices have a high hard time connecting but 6.0 marshmallow rocks beta and lesser versions ...

    2. Please anyone with mtn simreg ip address 😢 🙏 please. . Help a brother! Need it for an online course

    3. please you people should help us with mtn simreg ipaddress...... or VPN that is working


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