Glo Data Not Turning or Switching On 2018, Solved !

To put a hold on Glo free browsing cheat which is used to access free internet, Glo decided to put off data on any glo line that doesn't have any glo data subscription on it. Most people started having issues about Glo data not turning or switching on, although in very few cases is as a result of Glo network problem being experienced at many locations across the country.

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If your glo data is on without you having any glo data bundle, then congratulations, you can now choose from any of these glo cheat to access free internet for free browsing and downloads.

How to turn or Switch on Glo data Connection without data

To ensure that you glo SIM bring out glo data connection, you must do any one of the following;

• Subscribe to glo daily data Subscription of 25 Naira for 12.5MB by dailing *777#, or

• Migrate to glo Glo Jumbo Tariff Plan by dailing #224#

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• The third option is to migrate to glo PAYU Plan

With the above trick, you can solve "glo data not turning or switching on problem. Note that if you subscribe to glo daily plan, your glo data network will continue to come up even after you exhaust the data given you.

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    1. I did the second one to get my glo data on, and boom...my glo data network is back


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